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Venom are still kicking ass - 95%

Thrash_Till_Death, September 28th, 2002

Does Venom really need any introduction at all...? Nah, I didn't think so. Well now what can you expect from Venom, seeing how this cd came out 19 years after the band released possibly THE second or third most influential cd for metal. What you can expect is an ass kicking! Wow, the guys are still cranking out awesome tunes. This cd is great from start to finish.

The band welcomes new drummer Annton into the group and he proves his worth behind the kit. He has some wicked drum licks, like in Pain and Control Freak. The music itself is pretty modern sounding, bordering on thrash. There is some awesome riffs and Chronos does great vocal work on this cd. He even gives somewhat cleaning singing a try on Leviathan and it works! Some material on this cd will stick with you for a few days. I often find myself suddenly singing songs from this cd, as most songs are pretty memorable like Loaded or Black Flame of Satan. Just like old Venom tunes, you'll probably find yourself givin'r with the chorus.If Venom is still around and kicking, as Venom news has been a little slow lately, I hope they put out more cds like this.