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Meh... - 72%

Snxke, April 20th, 2004

This goofy meatball of a record is not terrible, yet it's utterly pointless at the same time. (Though I will give it two thumbs up for having some of the best artwork on any metal record at any time.) Venom are running on "arena metal" autopilot at this juncture and the best they can shove out it an fist-pumping, somewhat lethargic tribute to themselves (thank God Cronos can still sing like he always did...possibly even better) that from afar is entertaining but totally irrelelvant in todays world of metal. Sadly, this record might just be the Venom swan song as little has been heard about the band since Cronos suffered a severe neck injury.

Much of the album suffers on a songwriting level as well as finding the band being "out of touch with the times". Some of the songs are quite good but some are very, very poor. The one-two slam of "Resurrection" and the banging "Pandemonium" are quite good but songs like "Pain" and "Control Freak" are simply laughable. (Not in the "humor haha" way either.) Venom are artistically dry, desperate for something more substantial than a bad shout-along chorus that is fun in the moment yet adding depth to their already legendary career.

Venom are striking out with this one, though I do play it quite often. It's the musical version of "junk food" that leaves me interested for only the time that I am listening to it.