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Venom With Production Values! - 84%

Metal_Jaw, December 3rd, 2011

The original Black Metal Brits took a 3 year hiatus after 1997's "Cast In Stone", but returned in 2000 with "Resurrection", an unfortunate and overused title. It stands as a minor oddball in the Venom discography for many reasons. It's the first album without Abaddon on drums. Many songs have "filler" written all over therm, but yet are still pretty decent. It has arguably the most polished sound of any of their albums. But, is it any good overall?

Cronos and Mantas return for this set, and they're as good as ever. Cronos' bass is heavy as fuck on this record, and his voice is just as equally strong. Mantas in back in the saddle with loud riffing and shredding, though both men and their instruments lose a bit of that old, raw Venom charm due to the rather clean and loud sound of the songs, allowing for a minor generic feel to seep through. Replacing Abaddon is Cronos' younger brother Antton. While he doesn't have that manic, "fuck the world" speed and zaniness Abaddon had, he still more than makes up for with his own punishing brand of skull-smashing heaviness. A fine replacement.

The songs, all 14 of 'em (fuck me, is that enough?), are varied but similar. As I mentioned earlier, a good number of the songs are very fillerish, but many still have little quirks to them that make them better than they should be. Numbers like "Firelight" or Disbeliever" are just okay. Not bad, but okay. Little numbers like "Loaded" or "Man, Myth And Magic" remain memorable thanks to surprising melody and speed, while others like closer "Leviathan" are blessed with a crushing midpace. The best numbers overall include: the title track, which, while heavy as fuck and catchy, just sort of hangs together on a single riff (at least it's a good riff); "Pain", a semi-fast, hate-filled crusher with more killer riffing and guitarwork; "Pandemonium", a fast chugger with an unforgettable riff; and lastly, the fucking awesome "Vengeance", which I think ranks as a Venom classic with it's hateful Mantas lyrics and whirlwind guitars and Cronos' pissed-off roaring and crushing bass.

Overall, the lack of Abaddon, clean production and overuse of fillers may put some off, but "Resurrection" still ranks as certainly one of the band better efforts.