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A Great slab of NWOBHM - 70%

666head, June 18th, 2008

Venom is not only a force to be reckoned with, but a band that every metalhead owes him/herself to give it a listen. While their first 3 albums are regarded as classics by many metalheads, the band’s newest release, Hell, is pretty damn good to.

The album is mostly composed of really straightforward tracks. Seriously, if you just want some NWOBHM with plenty of speed, thrash and occasional nu metal flourishes, than you can do no wrong with this album. Hell is actually pretty polished compared to Venom’s other releases. The guitars have plenty of crunch, the bass has a very prominent position in the songs, hell, its fully audible and gives the songs this really percussive quality, making the songs very “brutal” and very memorable. The vocals are just as raspy and evil as ever, and really, they would put many thrash, death and black metal bands to shame when comparing the quality, I mean, how old is Cronos, in his mid 40s, and he can still growl like many of the younger growlers, seriously, that just brightens, er, darkens I mean, the mood in the songs.. The drums sound like they are being played by the devil himself, full of wicked and twisting rhythms that will remind you of pagan and “satanic” rituals, and proves that Antton was the perfect replacement for Abaddon.

The lyrics are filled with the typical Venom subject matter, that is, Satan, and other related matters. The lyrics, as we’ve all come to expect from Venom, are probably for shock value and laughs rather than actual beliefs, or at least that’s what it looks like. Still, it would be interesting if Venom would play around with the lyrics more, since most of us have probably heard/read this stuff before.

Overall, if you want some quality NWOBHM from a legendary and ultra influential metal band, then get Hell. It’s a great album, worth most pennies you’ll invest in it. A worthwhile release.