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Simply not a good album - 44%

Muloc7253, January 17th, 2009

Wow, what happened to Venom? This album was supposed to be a reunion of the classic line-up and thus a return to the classic days of Welcome to Hell, alas it seems that by this point Venom just don't have it in them anymore.

There is absolutely no spirit or enthusiasm on this album at all, not a trace. The whole band just sound like they don't want to be there and don't care about the music they're recording at all. Back in their early days a lot of people didn't like them because they demphasized technicality and clarity in favour of wild enthusiasm and crude catchiness, but here they have none of that.

Sure, it really isn't THAT different from vintage Venom, soundwise, but it just sounds like the Possessed album regurgitated over again, with whatever little charm that LP had completely sucked out. I can't really put my finger on why the songwriting is so weak other than maybe they just didn't put as much effort in, or they had simply ran out of juice by this point. Maybe they favoured mid-paced songs more than faster monsters like Witching Hour and Black Metal, or maybe the riffs are just too bland and similiar, I don't know. Cronos has a bit more of a harder snarl to his voice, but it doesn't sound genuine at all, there's nothing as wicked as "bloodluuuuuuuuust" or that wicked snarl thing at the beginning of 'Teacher's Pet'. 'Destroyed and Damned' has a nice melodic introduction, and 'Infectous' is decent in that it's a little more chaotic than the reserved, controlled nature of the other songs, but it's just not enough.

This album's simply boring and even though it's no offensive it does absolutely nothing and goes on way too long. Only recommended to completists, this album does nothing but prove that UK black metal of the 90s sucks, and they should have broke up when Mantas left after Possessed.