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Truly engraved in stone - 92%

Infernalblackflame, November 18th, 2010

Venom, one of those legendary bands from United Kingdom. The most interesting fact about that band is that they have created the word (well, compound word): black metal. Why did I choose to review this album than Black Metal or At War With Satan?? It’s because it features the last album with the original line up from the first era album (last album where they all featured in was Possessed in 95) and after 13 long years, they decided to work together and give us Cast In Stone.

Indeed, the structure and style of the songs haven’t changed, but the only thing different from Possessed and Black Metal is that it’s more violent, more evil, more everything HUH! We begin the album with an evil one, heavy guitar riff with an incredible heavy bass sound, such riffs being mostly all along the album which makes it more violent than ‘raw’ than the first one. There are some violent fast tracks (Fly of the Hydra is the perfect example) which make the album much more original & polyvalent than the previous, as shown for tracks 6 and 14, made by Abaddon (surely planned for his solo project if anyone's heard it, it's kind of electronic heavy techno) that we can hear a big different. He gives us some tribal drum at the beginning with weird ambient in the middle of the sound, something we've never heard from the other album.

Swarm, interesting song and original too with some Egyptian whispering behind a little electronic drum beat mixed with some winds and the song ends with an incredible solitary swell of ambience which gives the album that punch of darkness. The drumming style of Abaddon hasn't changed over the years and the same goes for Cronos with his vocals, why change something which already works well.

That’s why I’ve chosen this album than the other, all the songs give us something new and original than the previous and even the new ones. All tracks on this album deserve a few listens because they are all different, we can’t say ‘hey that track almost has the same riff as their song X’.

Track to listen: ALL.