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Something to have to listen to "Properly" - 95%

stasis, February 18th, 2008

I did not get into Velvet Cacoon till last year (2007). So by that time all the hype and controversy and everything else had been blown wide open. I bought "Genevieve" because a very good friend who had introduced me to black metal highly recommended it. Firstly warning me something along the lines of "Everything you read about them is probably a lie..".

I think the fact that I have been a fan of various ambient/dark ambient/drone/experimental/weird forms of music for years and years greatly contributes to why I like this album so much. From a pure metal head stand-point it may seem not very good but I was simply blown away but the fuzzy guitars and layers of ambiance. People seem to like to compare bands to another bands in a review but what band has had guitars that sound like this?

The album opens up with the aptly titled "1" which is probably my least favorite track on the CD. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I think its just the fact that its the track on the disc to most resemble "standard black metal". I also have heard this song a lot because I downloaded it before buying the album.

The closing track "Bete Noir" is a very long dark ambient piece that would strongly appeal to fans of groups like Lustmord and may seem very minimal but I really enjoy it at high volume on a decent set of speakers...

As a whole I think this album is rather hard to describe. The theme of the sea is definitely conveyed, not only through song titles but also the fact that a lot of the music has a very watery quality to it. Whatever processing was used in the making of the music blends the instruments together very well. the synths that are used are mixed in a way that they feel organic and not like some retro keyboard that's more cheesy than anything else. (Which has been a stumbling block for several black metal releases I've heard in the past).

So overall, its not a typical black metal release but Velvet Cacoon does what they do very well and it seems like there are plenty of people already stepping up to try and imitate them. Ignore the controversy and crazy stories and enjoy it!