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Velvet Caccon Review - 99%

scovrge, November 9th, 2004

i assumed their music would match its layouts, being that everything about this band is minimal at face, and it is, but velvet cacoon travels much deeper than a darkthrone record... we have a lot of ambience here... the vocals are much different than ive heard before - very quiet snarls, whispers, slithering throat sounds, gasps, all ebbing and flowing below and just to the surface of a large, black ocean. i hear blut aus nord (mystical beast, and the work) and others have mentioned manes, although, i haven't had the chance to really absorb the older manes material... this is where i see black metal moving. velvet cacoon seems to expose the contradictions of this genre (ideology/theory and practice) and the result is much more than black metal. bands like blut aus nord and velvet cacoon are taking us to stranger worlds with more intelligence and innovation than 90% of black metal phenomena. some of you will disagree, some of you will remain stuborn in your orthodox prisons... but i stand behind this. time will prove this evolving art...