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The Bottomline on Velvet Cacoon - 0%

raveneyeslikemirrors, November 18th, 2007

This is the first and probably the last metal release I will ever give such a rating to in my lifetime. But after my experience with them, the bombshell, and all the controversy I feel it is high time I say my peace on this artist, despite how confrontational and outrageous so many of their deceived fans think it is.

My first encounter with this group was in 2004 when I discovered this album up for sale at Red Stream. Of course, it also came with a huge paragraph on all their 'history'. I read interviews that spoke of their 'single torch concert' the ridiculous claim of playing a gas-powered guitar amped by a tank of water, the eco-terrorist ties, and all the other shat they were flooding the web with. As a black metal fan who had a strong taste for the eclectic, I was totally swamped by all this and bought in to all the hype.

So I eagerly awaited until the album was dropped off at my domicile by the postman. I felt (like I do when I get any album from an odd or obscure group) that I was yet on the verge of an incredible artistic listening experience. So I popped that baby into my player and listened to it all the way through, then again, and then a third time…

And what was the result?
As I heard over and over the Velvet Cacoon experience awash over me, it slowly became clear to me that something was wrong. This music was uninteresting, it was almost monotone, it was well awful. I had know the band had a heavy drug influence, but it became clear to me that all the cough syrup had actually become the greatest contributor to Genevive. And what resulted was a sludge of musical nothing. They were just stoned out of their minds and by the end of the album, barely able to even play their own instruments. Honestly, this all must have mostly been a single recorded session of the players stoned out of their minds. No musical creativity, no talent, and bottomline NO INDIVIDUALITY. They didn’t even go through any effort on the shitty artwork! My disappointment was great. I would a long time later come to realize that this was my official intro to very primitive, slow, repetitive black metal. I later would come to experience Beherit, Black Funeral, Benighted Leams and find artists in this style I did enjoy. Admittedly it is not my favorite style of black metal, but if an artist has a very special vision, it matters not what style they comes from. However, Velvet Cacoon still remains stale and uninteresting to this date. They do not and never had any grand vision whatsoever. At the time I did not know any of this about primitive black and eventually after 2 months just sold off the album.

Now I imagine many people are figuring I am lying through my teeth when I say this, but it is honest truth. I dropped this band before the bombshell was dropped. I heard them during the prime of their career and none of the hype which I believed at the time could save the fact that the music was nothing worth any artistic notoriety. And so ended my experience with this band.

Then it all happened. When I overheard the revelations about the lies Velvet Cacoon had constructed their whole image in, I was shocked and overcome with amusement. My instincts had been true. I may have believed their stories, but their music shinned through to me as the truth of what they really were. Mediocre. I laughed greatly at the irony of the whole situation.

As I discovered about all these revelations, I saw that the band was still in production of music. Supposedly, they were now recording some odd dream-pop, synth-rock stuff. I will say I am a big fan of bands who go through huge style changes and for that reason I was intrigued. However, their new material seemed completely unavailable and I still could not get over the fact that their old stuff on Genevieve was awful. So I went off in search of other things to spend my heard-earned money on.

And now we come to today. I have just discovered what had really happened to the band, how they tried to revive their cult status with another even greater web of deceivement, stealing everything from music to artwork to create their new image. All that dream pop direction was just complete lies as well. I can’t believe it! Who could ever be so depraved and self-centered to do such a thing? Often I have grappled with the actions of some black metal artists such as the embracing of Nazi values or the infamous murders of innocent people just to look more evil. Indeed some of these things are heinous acts of unhealthy human beings which I will not tolerate. But in the case of Velvet Cacoon, their crime is equally inexcusable, for to completely steal the artistic creations of another and pass them off as your own is a crime against music. Now my opinion of them has gone from amusement to contempt.

When you wrap all this together into one package of hardcore junkies, lies, theft, lack of effort, and an apparent burning desire for attention, the end result of shit is so high that any slightest bit of anything interesting their mediocre music THAT THEY DID WRITE is completely buried to the bottom of the earth. I am Absolutely stunned and sickened that people are still giving this artist such stunning reviews and attention to this date! Fact is fact, as I had to learn, no matter how much hype surrounds an artist it is the music in the end that counts. And whether or not you love Velvet Cacoon you will have to accept that bottomline, there is nothing new or brilliant about this album. It is minimal, mediocre, repetitive, and talentless. If this is how you like your black metal, go ahead, but if you disagree, you are simply deceiving yourself like the Christian deceives himself in thinking that the Bible is pure and uninterrupted. Listen to the band if you like them, but don’t put them up on such a pedestal as to say something as foolish as Elize103’s statement “Genevieve is perhaps one of the greatest extreme metal recordings ever.” What insolence! What ignorance!

Don’t buy into hype, demand quality, and laud innovation, talent and creativity. Drop Velvet Cacoon. Do not give this fucker’s ego any more satisfaction for his cowardly and deplorable acts.