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First and Last - 100%

Shadow0fDeath, November 21st, 2004

This years hot topic is an obscure black metal band known as Velvet Cacoon from the USA. Velvet Cacoon are well known in the underground for the many albums that came before this who were only released to friends and close contacts of the band. The idealogy behind the music of Velvet Cacoon is a personal thing between the band members and they don't go well with the idea that their music is in the hands of strangers. This opus, Genevieve is rumored to be the first, last, and only public release by Velvet Cacoon. Only time may tell.

Velvet Cacoon plays a style of ambient black metal with droning minimalism. Most of the music is very droning and hypnotic throughout accompanied by some of the strangest vocals even by black metal standards hidden in and out of the mix. The unique ambient guitar sounds by Velvet Cacoon is a creation with the aid of a metal gas powered guitar designed by the members itself. It gives a very dark droning feel to the guitar sound making the sound of Velvet Caccon's album very unique and memorable in comparison with other black metal US and abroad in our world.

That there is the very thing about Velvet Cacoon. Velvet Cacoon's form of black metal is meant to be another link in the evolution step throughout the future of black metal. The innovation of Velvet Cacoon's sound on this album is something that shouldn't be under estimated as the band pioneers into a new design of the black metal sound that has attracted many listeners in the genre.

Another innovative factor in the Velvet Cacoon sound is the underwater blurbs. One of the select ambient beauties of this album is the use of underwater sound that is occasionally heard throughout the album. It adds progression to the tracks and gives a breathing moment to stare into the infinity of thought and feel the dark, droning atmosphere that is Velvet Cacoon.

The guitar work on the Genevieve album while being miminal to the point where it sounds like noise in some cases brings forth mysterious auras throughout the progressions of this album as the listener becomes engulfed within the overall ambience in the VC sound. The unique gas powered guitar makes the album very noisy while the melodic composition of each VC song can easily be heard in the sound of this album. The very melodic composition that can be heard on this album is very dark and evil black metal played in a form that's very different from the typicaly sound.

Exclusively on this album you will hear many dark melodic interludes to guide you through the experience of this album. The combination of harsh noise/black metal and ambient to a melodic yet atmospheric interludes in tracks in nothing short of memorable and breath taking in the release. Adding much power and emotion to the album.

Emotionally this album is very well done. You can tell and respect that Velvet Cacoon really put their souls into the making of their music. There is nothing dry about the emotional content of this album as the music gives itself a soul. Something that most modern black metal seems to lack. The aesthetic addition of soul and emotion really makes this release stand out as something absolutely special that cannot be matched in any form.

The drumming on this album is also nothing short of amazing. Velvet Cacoon has directed the drumming on the tracks to resemble the heartbeat as you can feel and become a part of this album. The drums really put you into the album as they match the chaotic beating of your heart as you feel the dark aura of the music flowing through you yourself.

This album is definately one of the most innovative, emotional, and well put together releases in the current black metal spectrum. The entire soul of the band is defined through this album with many unique characteristics that cannot be found in any other black metal opus. This is truely a one of a kind album everybody should get!