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Mind-blowing - 100%

Maerund, March 16th, 2012


I'm no good at assigning arbitrary percentages based on little but opinion and rhetoric. But I just listened to this album again after a long break from countless listens, and I wanted to come here and state for the record that this album is an example of one the few times that a human creation explodes into being and you know that it's Real.

One of the few times you come away thinking, "How did this happen? How did it come to be that someone made this?"

Many things are made--many creations, many works of art. And music. But probably the majority that you encounter just seem blah. The lesser percentage of music releases is good, and there are more than we generally seem to think. Bias and opinions keep us from seeing that even plenty of pop art has good in it. And a smaller percentage of what's good is actually great. We recognize some genius in those great works.

But a few works explode into our world, and we think, "How did this even get made?" It doesn't sound like anything we've heard before--not REALLY. Not like this. And even everything after it, maybe including the artist's own work, is an echo in its wake. And for what the work is, it's essentially perfect. It's an absolute work of genius, and it's flabbergasting that someone actually produced it.

That's "Genevieve."

I just can't believe someone actually made this album. When I first heard Genevieve via samples made available by the label, I was immediately arrested. I bought a copy as quickly as possible, and I listened to it more times than I can remember. I also watched online as the band member or members, fans, and flamers produced an uproar of nonsense and dishonesty. So much dishonesty and delusion came to surround this band, this person or people, this entity, and the music got lost in that. But this is a major accomplishment, a major work of art alongside which any great work of art should feel comfortable in terms of quality, and I honestly believe this.

Tonight I liken Genevieve to a quasar. It bursts forth from a black hole of dishonesty, perhaps of ethical and spiritual collapse. An individual turned deeply into himself, become a universe of actual genius turned solipsistically self-aware and crushing inward. Every attempt of the outside to penetrate to the truth of being is rejected, misled, deceived, and made a mockery of in its failed attempts to connect with the mind, spirit, and soul of the creator behind Genevieve. This is tragic and heartbreaking. But in this deep collapse, the surrounding of which is a crushing of space across which human arms can never reach, an explosion of real, powerful energy shoots out and escapes the black hole in a gamma ray. This true quasar burst of energy is Genevieve. It's something of a miracle that for what it is, it's perfect. It blows my mind that things like this produced from humans exist.

It's a work of genius, and not in the pretended way that a particular Sigh album was cast years ago. A piece of poorly made junk with no cohesion was held aloft as brilliant, and if you didn't think so, well then that just revealed your idiocy and Poor Taste. But it wasn't brilliant, and it wasn't genius, and it wasn't beautiful, and it wasn't true. It told you that if you didn't like it (which you didn't), then you were too stupid to understand its genius. Therefore, everyone said it was genius because they were afraid of being called stupid. But the album was still low quality, regardless of whether or not you were "stupid."

Genevieve is the opposite. It's absolutely brilliant and perfect for what it is. I will always remember Velvet Cacoon and the mind behind it for this album--not for the other albums, real or fictional. Or for the hype, real or fictional. I won't say that you have to have a certain genius to recognize a certain genius--because hopefully that isn't true at all. Hopefully if you have an inclination to hear the genius and beauty of this particular music, as well as the awareness to know that it's surrounded by a lot of lies, dishonesty, delusion, and destruction, you will be able to hear what is truly amazing about this album--after the fog of nonsense has had time to clear.