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Genevieve - 99%

Lances, November 7th, 2004

Velvet Cacoon have officially mastered what so few can, the art of repetition. To take black metal and skillfully weave a tapestry of sullen ambience through every nook and cranny is a thing few people can succeed at. "Genevieve" doesn't just succeed at this, it perfects it. "Genevieve" is quite a paradox. On one hand the album is shamelessly minimalistic. At times, 2 riffs will slowly fade in and out of each other for minutes on end, and while this would be painful had it been any other band, Velvet Cacoon makes it blissfully addictive. You almost wish the overwhelming trancelike quality would continue on forever. The heavy drenching of multiple layers id so thick and deep that one could get lost in them for hours on end. To say this album has depth, staying power, and a timeless quality to it would be a criminal understatement.

Without a doubt, this is an album that will be copied and cloned by many other bands. One of the greatest albums in the history of this genre, if not the greatest. This band is no fluke. An instant classic.