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Destruction, Ihsahn and Mike Browning? Thrash? - 70%

morbert, July 29th, 2010

There are moment I listen to Black Future and think ‘this is brilliant’ or ‘other retro-thrash acts can pack it in and leave’. However there are equally as many as moments which bore me or I just find contrived and unnatural. The thrash metal aspect of Vektor just winks at Voivod’s logo but the music has more Destruction and Coroner influences and even Terror Squad from Japan comes to mind whereas some riffs even refer to the first 2 Prong albums.

The vocals are mostly reminiscent of Schmier with some excessive blackish moments and it’s more than once one feels the need to scream ‘Curse The Gods’ throughout this entire Vektor album. On the first verse of ‘Asteroid’ I actually get the feeling I’m listening to Sabina Classen whereas the screaming of the title... well hello Schmier again!

What Vektor does is mixing the more aggressive and darker thrash with dissonant late eighties experimentalism and some overly clear black metal riffing (‘Dark Nebula’ is more black than thrash, honestly and the middle section has Nocturnus written all over it).. Hell, on the middle section of ‘Accelerating Universe’ I even think about Maiden’s ‘Remember Tomorrow’, Primordial and somewhere a spacey Nocturnus feeling.
So, all in all, Vektor, although being heralded by some as the new thrash revelation, is a band I wouldn’t actually consider thrash metal. They’re a well contrived crossover (in the true sense of the word) of black, prog and thrash. Prog blackthrash if you’d like.

And now for the important question, are they good? Well, musically they are in perfect working order, however compositionally they’re rather inconsistent. Opener ‘Black Future’ probably is their best track already. The balance between styles is perfect and the song doesn’t have a compositional copy-paste feeling. It’s as if this song wrote itself. On some songs like ‘Oblivion’ great parts are mixed with dull stuff. The intro brings Emperor’s ‘Prometheus’ to mind before plunging into old school speed metal after about 50 second and going full-on Destruction again at the 1:30 mark.

It’s pretty hard to write songs that incorporate so much yet still giving them an organic flow. This is were Vektor still fall a bit short on SOME songs. At those moments it’s as if half the riffs ands parts are written by an old thrasher and the other half by a huge fan of Emperor’s IX Equilibrium & Prometheus albums and no one had a clue as to how these could be mixed into a cohesive product. Also the songs in which the emphasis is more on black than thrash (the earlier mentioned Dark Nebula) the band falls somewhat short and I skip these songs most of the time or just put on the real Emperor or whatever.

However, when the band succeed, they rule and they rule big time. It’s especially their longer songs which take more time to explore everything their music is about, making Forests of Legend and Accelerating Universe the absolute highlights on the album. If their next release has the quality of those two songs I just mentioned, this band could become bigger than some people could imagine right now.

For now, this album from a more than promising new band has just too much filler to give it a high score but reveals a rough diamond which I hope becomes priceless one day.