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Black Future - 90%

Memnarch, November 22nd, 2009

First thing that struck me about this album is the logo, it is clearly homage to Canadian progressive thrash pioneers Voivod. Vektor are a band of similar mould from south of the border to Voivod. Recently signed to Heavy Artillery, they unleashed their second album earlier this week, and I have to say, it's an absolute needed kick up the ass to modern thrash metal. The lyrics are not your standard thrash fare, no inane political agenda, no bone headed 'lets party, drink and fuck till deathhh!!!' philosophy here, but Vektor deal with... Astrophysics? Certainly an odd one, but very interesting.

Musically, Vektor sound like what Voivod would sound like, with Schmier on vocals. The music teeters on the boundary between the crossover styling of thrash and a more progressive type of the genre like Voivod. The first song 'Black Future' opens with a heavy chugging riff which immediately runs into a melodic lead and absolute feral, snarling vocals . The album is full of fresh, rolling heavy riffs which should get the head banging. A suprising aspect of the album is that there is three songs over 10 minutes each, which is extremely odd for a thrash album. The songs never get tired, no riff ever outstays it's welcome and before you know it, the band change rhythm completely or unleash a face melting solo of unbelievable technical skill. The guitar playing is extremely tight and varied throughout the whole album, and the vocals are probably the best point about the whole album, vicious and in your face, the way it should be, but most importantly original, which is alot more than can be said about the likes of their peers today. The drumming is precise and very well executed, giving the rest of the music a sturdy backbone.

Instead of just sitting back and aping their heroes, as is the case with their peers, they take their style and push the perceived boundaries to what is regarded 'thrash' these days. It is an extremely well received breath of fresh air to the thrash scene in my eyes, and for such a young band, they can only go onwards and upwards. Heavy Artillery seem to have a knack for finding extremely talented young bands, long may they keep it up. It's great to hear music with such magnitude and direction these days.