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A strange gem - 94%

chainsawexecution, March 23rd, 2005

When I first heard this album I asked myself "What is this shit?" and forgot it, until recently when I gave it another chance. I regret that I did not do it earlier.

Ved Buens Ende was a trio from the Norwegian scene, and it feels like this was one of the "forgotten" gems, even though it's not quite black metal by standards.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious that these guys are talented musicians when you hear this. Drumming is superb, guitars atmospheric and basslines very good. Even though it may sometimes sound as a mess, remember; it's intentional.
After a while you realize that it is all really under control, and that makes this album very interesting to listen to (even though some may be scared off at first, like I was).

Musically, this album is very diverse. There are the experimental "math metal" kind of parts, doomy parts, black metal parts and on the song Autumn Leaves there are even hints of neofolk and pop. To swarm deserted away is a quite disturbing song with accordians and a piano that sounds out of tune... Very atmospheric, as everything else on this album.

I'm about to complain here though... Vocals could be better, but they fit the albums atmosphere very well, so I won't. They're sung in a monotone kind of way, which fit some moments just perfect. I can't imagine this album without those, so it's probably for the better. There are also female vocals on the track Autumn Leaves, which is a nice change as they're beautiful.

"Written in waters" manages to be both dissonant and melodic, heavy yet very fluid, experimental, but very dark. If you want to find a treasure that simply is not easy in nature, but so much more when you LIVE it, pick this up.