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Decent stuff - 79%

whiplash50, February 5th, 2005

ok, this album is exactly what it seems: Fast paced euro speed metal with all the typical lyrics of the time about satan, dying and all the like. It is pretty good and noteworthy for the fast and consistent bass drumming, but after a while can get on your nerves. Some standouts are 'open the coffin' 'the exterminator' and 'black viper'. I couldn't really break down every song because they are all basically the same, just speedy and frantic with some sloppy riffing here and there. Vocalist is pretty hoarse sounding and guitars are tuned way down. This isn't exactly a bad album, but at the same time it is nothing great or unique that would of changed the scene over there. All in all a pretty cool album that should be picked up by fans of this style of music, which was common on the label at the time.