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Eh... generic speed metal - 36%

UltraBoris, March 28th, 2003

Hard to say precisely what's WRONG with this album... it isn't as much that there is anything wrong as in there is nothing really right about it. It's okay speed metal, but the guitar work is just unspectacular. Each song has pretty much one standard backbone riff to it, and then when they need something different they try the old standard "play the same note over and over again really fucking fast over double bass" trick.

Helloween "Walls of Jericho", this is not. Again, it's not a bad album but generally forgettable. The only thing you'll really take away in your memory is that the singer sounds exactly like the dude from the Clash, only with a German accent. "Why, why, am I alive". Totally punk rock, but with metal riffs. That's probably the highlight of the album since it has a nice galloping uptempo riff basis.

The opener... "Prisoner's Back" is pretty nice too. This is the song that sounds most like the Helloween EP, with the most Kai Hansenesque vocals too... it's a good opener, and "Dipsomania" is also pretty good at second, but then what happens is that they pretty much play the same song over and over again.

The highlights - "Evil Run" has a great melodic break in the middle, and the aforementioned "Why Am I Alive" is not overt speed for the sake of overt speed.

Not a bad album - after all the German speed metal scene could do no WRONG. But this is one of the REMFs of the genre. See also: Tyran Pace for bands that just never really got anywhere or did anything.