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Rules of Speed Metal???? - 60%

Infernali, July 4th, 2006

After the rawness of Speed Revolution this release came as quite a shock when I bought it on release. The band had adopted a more clinical sound and was really trying to produce a quality release. What let’s this album down is the production, which is high end and lacks power and aggression. Songwise there’s nothing wrong, with Prisoners Back starting proceedings off with a simple but catchy riff before the bass drums completely drown out the guitar. The drummer certainly had talent in the speed metal field, but this genre is about riffs and fiery guitar solos not just galloping bass drums. The band have just tried too hard to upgrade their musicianship and attempt to compete in the mainstream, but unfortunately they were always going to remain at the back of the field. Personally I like many of the tracks on this release, e.g. Feelings of Freedom and even the typical cheesy effort Metallic War. Christian’s vocals have increased in tone and seem strained at times as he tries his best with the English language. This release, like their debut, is not rubbish by any means but there were just better bands around at the time and so unfortunately they got left behind and forgotten about. This release is still a worthy addition to any speed metal fan’s collection if you can find it.