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picking up the pieces - 90%

mutiilator, April 13th, 2004

The demise of Graven was unfortunate, but imminent. I remember in their final studio album, entitled Perished and Forgotten, they stated: "This is Graven's final recording in that kind of too clear and unraw sound." But instead of carrying on in the production-vein of their demo, the band called it quits all together. Vargsang basically picks up where Graven left off: relatively simple black metal with great riffing. The music follows the Darkthone path in the fact that the drumming is meant to be simplistic, supporting and complimenting the music without detracting from it. Therefore the majority of it is either blast beats or mid-paced in the slower sections. The guitar sound and riffing is excellent as was seen with Graven, and carried over by Vargsang. When it all coalesces, it creates some killer black metal the way it should be - pummeling, but with killer melodic riffs and sick vokills.

Two bloody thumbs up.