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Kult Malicous Prototypical Black Metal - 74%

Danthrax_Nasty, January 2nd, 2004

Well after leaving Graven, which was a two man band, Varsang takes all aspects of his music under his lone dark view. Released by Undercover Records and recorded in the winter of 2002, this is one fine fucking release.The layout of this album is a bit vague and yet typical for the genre, the cover being a picture of Vargsang, and theres one more pic in the insert (also a cool howling wolf pic is in the insert and on the cd) but other than that its all just black and white. Written inside the booklet is an amusing quote "Fuck Off To All Gothic Black Metal Kiddies! You'll Never Be A Part Of Us!" which pretty much says it all for the image/ideals of this man and this band.
The intro starting off this album is a raw full chorded riff done in an old school almost Dissection esque type of progression. The drums which follow it are produced fairly well considering the music style but all in all are very pummeling. Short and to the point, this is a typical yet killer way to kick into the coming hate.
As the intro drops off in to silence the next songs rolls in and is utterly satanic, barbaric blackmetal. A simplistic and brutal arpegio type riff is the first you hear of My Dark Hateful Spirit, which is soon followed by a few other riffs as the song goes on.
Each song has its individual sound and is none to monotonous even after many listens. The distortion used on this album is the same through out, and the sound of the band really doesnt differ to drasticly.
I wont go into each song cause this album is not exactly ground breaking and to say its Kult Black Metal and thats its certainly worth a listen is all you need to know. Album high-lights is most notably "Through Frost Covered Moors" and "Deathgate To Eternal Life". On the strength of this album alone I would device to say the next album should slay.