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Watch out children there's a wolf out there.. - 90%

Wynfolk, July 30th, 2007

Now...what to say about Varg? So this is the debut album of another german Pagan Metal band. We all know that Pagan Metal and Viking Metal are booming right know, and the Metal scene is experiencing a sheer flood of new bands with themes about Odin, Met and the glory to die on the battlefield, just to sit in Valhalla and party all night with some dead guys. Sadly most of these bands don't even nearly stand up to what you can expect from such a vast and wonderful world of heroes and tales. Neither in a lyrical nor in a musical way. But then there was Varg!

From the intro till the last note of the album I was thrilled to wittness such a great masterpiece of music. All starts out with the majestic intro wich leads you right into a musical journey of heavyness melodic guitars and grim vocals paired up with lyrics that will pierce your heart if you have devoted yourself to the old gods up high. The lyrics are in german and despite the Black Metal like vocals you understand every word crystal clear. The guitar work ranges from simple Power Metal riffs to Iron Maiden like solo parts and very melodic Black Metal. This might sound like a big mix up of styles but it works out very good and never sounds like one of the big names Finntroll, Amon Amarth etc. .

And for that I will raise a big extra horn full of sweet Met to Varg. They sound so fresh and spirited that it's big pleasure to let this album rotate over and over again in my cd player. The only thing wich could be better is the production. That doesn't mean that the sound is bad, it's just that there could be a little more bass and the whole record could be louder. But that is something I can live with.

So if you like to live up to the spirit of old and and are devoted to good Metal music, go and purchase Varg - "Wolfszeit" get yourself a nice cold beer and be carried away to a time where the fires of heroism still burn.