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The Wolf-pack Strikes Hard! - 86%

Imperialtroll, October 27th, 2012

The year 2012 has witnessed the release of some pretty good albums, some have surpassed the expectations and some have failed to deliver, and it is among the best of this year's albums that "Guten Tag" stands tall. The German pagan band has managed to prove it's badassery once more and definitely stuck their feet in the ground with this record.

The album contains 13 songs and each one of them has advantages of their own, from the simple intro "Willkommen" to the end of the last song "Vorzeichen" the band has projected some pretty brilliant ideas and incredibly simple and catchy tunes, a great brutal surrounding with their heavy riffing and with the distinguished vocals and even a simple use of folk instruments with guest artists such as Päde Kistler from Eluveitie and Jonne Järvelä from Korpiklaani. The band is offering plenty of various ideas and managed to project them thoroughly.

The guitarists had some brilliant methods in this record, Not only titanic riffs in songs like "Guten Tag" and "Was nicht darf" and awesome guitar solos in songs like "Anti", but also in some beautiful well written acoustic parts in songs such as "Leben", and in folksy tones especially in songs such as "Blut und Feuer" and "Gedanke und Erinnerung". All these methods added even more variation to the album and kept offering surprises to the listener, it makes you know that this band is not easy to predict, and they can summon and connect different musical angles to provide a firm, almost perfect album.

Though this album has many songs, they are easy on the ear and can be captured and absorbed quickly and can be very addictive in a few listens only, the vocals and the quick drumming also helps a lot to establish a beautiful journey through Germanic pagan glory. This could be easily one of the best albums of this year and probably the best album this band managed to create. Highly recommended to the fans of death metal and the fans of all extreme pagan metal. It's as wild and brutal as a giant wolf, but also has great moments of clarity and beauty.