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The Lament of Gods - 75%

dyingseraph84, June 13th, 2010

Varathron is my favorite of the Hellenic black metal bands. In my opinion they write the best songs and have some of the best melodies in the entire black metal scene. When I put on a Varathron album, I am transported to a primitive time of war and heroism. They just have this way of taking you to another place within their music.

The Lament of Gods was a release that I had skipped over in the past. I had already been well familiar with the masterpieces His Majesty at the Swamp and Walpurgisnacht, so I knew what to expect going into this. This release is a lot more keyboard based than the other 2 albums, and less atmospheric.

Varathron's basic sound is hard to describe. Think if Mercyful Fate was fronted by Abbath from Immortal, had much more elaborate keyboard work, and focused more on melodies than riffs. That is really the best I can do to describe Varathron.

This EP is short and pretty straight forward, nothing too flashy or atmospheric here. The production is well done and boasts a powerful drum sound. The keyboards are the loudest instrument by far, this can be a good thing and a bad thing. On a song like 'Forbidden Lust' its good to hear that keyboard melody at the front of the mix, but then again on a song like 'The World through Ancient Eyes', there's this repetitive ascending/descending keyboard run that plays throughout the entire song. It really is distracting.

The guitar work stays in the same vein as other Varathron releases, they are highly melodic and played with a good amount of skill. The drumming is very well done, Hungry Wolfen does a very good job of spicing up the songs behind the kit. As always, the vocals done by Stephan Necroabyssious are great. His vocals are pushed back in the mix and are loaded with echo. This is troublesome because it makes him hard to hear and understand.

The music stays mid paced the whole way through, 'Warrior's Nightmare' is probably the best song on here. It has a good driving rhythm and is more varied then the other songs. Oh, I almost forgot there is a cover of the Mercyful Fate classic Nuns Have no Fun included on this EP. It's a good cover but those keyboards are too goddamn loud! I like how they altered the beginning it sounds cool that way.

This isn't really the best starting point if your looking into getting some Varathron. I would definitely start with either His Majesty at the Swamp or Walpurgisnacht. Those are two of the best Varathron releases.