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Varathron - His Majesty at the Swamp - 95%

Sionis, June 13th, 2009

Alright, so here I am, reviewing what could possibly be the most epic album I have ever heard.

This album is great; it induces something that is cold, unholy and just plain awesome. It feels like you're at a swamp being dragged under the water that is almost ice, and when you just manage to break free and take a breath at the surface, an unholy creature drags you back down.

Now, to the musical part of things.

Wow, the guitars in here are plain awesome, they are melodic, and what's this? They're clearly audible? No way! Yeah that's right, they are clearly audible so you can hear the awesome rifts, typically guitars are very distorted in black metal, but no here, there are very audible which is a plus for guitar enthusiasts.

The drums are the most surprising part of this album, they aren’t typical blast beats or one beat. No this drummer actually has talent, there’s variety and although it may not be so technical, they’re still extremely enjoyable.

Now we come to the bass, again, unlike usual black metal, the bass is audible in this, which is another plus because it adds a thickness to the atmosphere that is almost...doom like. Very cool plus for this album.

Ah yes, now I come to the vocals. Now let me say, these are not your usual black metal vocals, they almost sound like proto-death metal vocals, which is weird because I thought this was supposed to be black metal? Well, the actual style isn't my complaint; it's that they're too low! It's annoying to find the guy in the mix, that's why those five points went away, but when you compare this complaint to the rest of the album, it really isn't that bad.

In conclusion, this album is essential for anybody that wants slow, doomish sound but at the same time very melodic black metal.