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An epic Greek Black Metal Masterpiece! - 95%

JayInIrons, March 1st, 2010

Varathron started it's career with demos that were not so convincing. Although when they continued, they made something that will always be marked as one of the best Greek Black Metal albums ever. Here it is: His Majesty at the Swamp!

Intro track "His Majesty at the Swamp" starts the album with it's eerie curdle. Then kicks in the mind darkening track "Son of the Moon (Act II)". This track introduces early Varathron's potential dark riffs, and of course drums that i like the most in this whole album. Now already everybody has heard the vocals too. It is different, compared to vocalists that scream themselves to death with their sore throats. Maybe not better, but it brings bit of difference, and that's what this album is all about: Positive musical difference. Third track "Unholy Funeral" keeps the album epic and mind rinsing. "Lustful Father" is the most different track of the whole album. It brings down albums darkness a little bit with it's guitars. "Nightly Kingdoms" is a good track, but doesn't bring anything new to this album, but then comes "Flowers of My Youth" which is the fastest of them all! Bringing a bit of speed to carry on this masterpiece. "River of My Souls" keeps on the kicks, still being a bit too much fill up. Album ends with the track "Tressrising of Nyarlahotep (Act. I)", which is a memorable track, and ends this album possibly the best way that it should be ended.

In the end "His Majesty at the Swamp" is one of the best Greek black metal albums, and Varathron made themselves sit on the throne really well after this album. It's epic, it's dark and best of it all: It's classic!

When i first time got this album, i knew it's going to be one of my favorite black metal albums. How's so? Well, just turn your ears towards the southern Europe, and you will be amazed!