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Vanguard - V

Sounds EXACTLY like Steeler - 78%

DeathRiderDoom, November 17th, 2009

*Written for the 9th MA reviews challenge

Hell yeah – kickass straight-up mid 80’s heavy metal! There are two main things about this release: one – It kicks ass, and two – it sounds exactly like Steeler (US), for some strange reason. You know the band right? Yngwie Malmsteen’s early 80s band before Alcatrazz? Either way, halfway into the first song, you’ll know exactly what im talking about – the resemblance is just uncanny. Anyway, on with the review proper; this is a great rare little nugget of 80’s metal that’s well worth tracking – strong vocals, a good fast pace, and nasty dirty riffs and production (what did I say, does this sound like Steeler or what?).

My favourite track is the killer ‘H. M. Paradise’ a pro-heavy metal anthem featuring great vocals and lyrics. This is also where they sound most like Steeler, right down to the vocal delivery, and the style of riffs. The main guitar riff after the chorus is super badass – totally Motorhead style dirtiness, which goes excellently with this rough vocalist. Some great lyrics like “Heavy metal paradise, the place we all belong” etc are simplistic, yet totally get the job done. This isn’t exactly technically demanding metal, but man does it know how to rock. Again I must say this sounds exceptionally like Steeler here.

Elsewhere on the EP, the band continues its form. The excellently titled ‘Beast on the Run’ continues the ballsy, heavy vibe from the last kickass track, and does so with pounding, smashing drums, nastily delivered vocals and some pretty darn awesome lyrics about mountains and beasts. It features a nifty little acoustic intro, and some Eurotrash tinges coming through in the vocals of Raffe Wernborg. You know the ones I mean? – the obvious raspy, slightly weirdly pronounced vocal stylings we so love of 80s Eurometal. Some killer drums and neat little bass bits in this cut. Lady of madness is probably my least favourite track. I guess I’m just not fond of the subject matter, and the fact that this one is a bit slower and less ballsy than the others – still, it’s not a bad track though. Just a little less exciting, though it does have some good nasty guitar.

Basically, this is rough, nasty straight-up heavy metal. If you like Steeler, then just get it – simple as that really. If you don’t know who Steeler is, get them. Then slap yourself for not knowing who they are, then get this. Finally, listen to how much these guys sound like em. A neat little EP, this one has only recently come to be in my collection, by way of a great little blog I discovered. Proof you can still come across unknown gems, 10 years and 3000 albums of collecting later. Well worth a listen!