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Catch of the Day - 80%

TaiMorgan23, May 8th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2013, Digital, Independent

At first glance of this band and it's artwork, I thought I would be in for another unoriginal death metal band from the era of today. I have never been more happy to be wrong about music. It was such a relief to hear something like this after the slew of modern death metal that filters through my ears every single day.

This album is refreshing in the way the songs are structured and how they flow into one another. From the humorous intro, this album engaged me in a torrent of sound. It's such a fun ride throughout the entire thing. The intense drumming is amazing, but also can get slightly repetitive at times, such as the second half of the album. The lyrics as well as the ocean puns are a bit on the nose, like "Where is Your Cod Now," but don't detract from the album as a whole. They do, however, seem a bit distracting if you want serious oceanic themes in a song, if that is possible somehow. Regardless, it's still enjoyable.

The vocals of this song are nothing innovative as it seems to be a recycled death metal/deathcore guttural style. There's nothing really to say about them other than the vocals seem to have the style down. Compared to other bands such as Rings of Saturn, which arguably sounds sped up, the vocal style doesn't really stand out. The vocals are there, plain and simple.

What really makes this album work is the varied guitar playing in each song. It's unique, well positioned, and just overall fun to hear. They add a layer of levity to an otherwise dense soundscape. It is so refreshing to hear varied guitar playing on a death metal/deathcore album after so many similar sounding bands under the same banner. The playing honestly reminded me of Cynic's Traced in Air at points, but with more weight to the riff's tone.

This is an enjoyable album from a modern band I initially had no intention of enjoying and look forward to their next installments in the future.