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Vampire - 90%

Gabbe_Dobos, January 17th, 2013

I discovered this demo when I was looking through Fenriz of Darkthrone's blog "Fenriz band of the week" and found this, and the only thing I could think was "as the enormous Darkthrone fan I am, it's impossible that this couldn't be great". And I was right. This is the perfect demo with its rough, Necrovore-like sound. All of the three songs on this demo are as simply arranged as they could get, and I love it. The vocals are reminding me of early Morbid (Sweden) demos, with riffs as occult as the apocalypse itself and tight drums that pounds your brain and makes you play air drums through the whole demo. It could easily have been done by any soon-to-be an extreme metal god band in the late 80's.

Starting of with "At Midnight I'll Possess Your Corpse" with a intro that makes me think of a mix between the song by Entombed "Left Hand Path" and the pounding intro of "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" by Autopsy on the legendary album Mental Funeral. Then it goes into a fast-played part with great, demonic riffs with the starting verse line "the clock strikes twelve in the cemetery..." and you're stuck. It's impossible not to raise your fist and bang your head to this song. Like in any song from Scream Bloody Gore, after the second chorus it goes into a short double bass drum prioritized stick which then leads to a mid-tempo stick-riff that's just great. Finishing off the song with a last and final chorus. Mind blown, but still not satisfied, because at this point I'm just wanting more of this perfect demo.

The second song, "The Night it Came Out of the Grave" is a shorter one. But after it's 2,51 minutes you still feel pleased, because you get everything you wish for in a death metal song. Every verse starts of with the song name "The night it came out of the grave..." and just like in the first song your are immediately headbanging. Some say "two verses and two choruses ain't enough". This song proves those wimps wrong. After a short break they play the fast main riff while the drums play a Slayer-like mid-tempo phase on the ride. The song ends with a snare roll through some morbid bells tolling.

Off to my personal favorite on this demo. The third and unfortunately the last song "Under the Grudge". And it might not only be my favorite because it's a great song, but the fact that it's inspired by the horror movie series "The Grudge". I saw those movies when I was about 10 or eleven years old and I had nightmares literally one year after ('til I saw part 2 and the whole thing started once again). Starting off with a fast-tempo, 2-beat phrase with the guitars and bass. When I hear the music and lyrics combined with each other I remember how scared I was when I first saw the movie in a cinema in West Hollywood a couple of years ago, and this time the feeling doesn't disappear no matter how many times I listen to it. The stick is a pounding death/thrash riff with fast/mid-tempo drums. After the final chorus it's a double verse without vocals and ending with a "Show No Mercy"-like fill.

The outro is similar to the piano-based, morbid sounding between-the-songs in "The Horror" by Tribulation.

This demo is by far the best demo of 2012 and it's a must for any fan of the extreme music sub-genres. It's fucking great.
Hail Satan, D.T.P