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Valkyrie > Choosers of the Slain > Reviews > Popa_Iuda
Valkyrie - Choosers of the Slain

Unjustly ignored band! - 96%

Popa_Iuda, January 25th, 2009

Ever since I’ve heard this demo, I’ve never ceased to see how great it is! An onslaught of lethal riffs, demented high vocals and monstrous bass-lines.

Imagine a cross between Slayer’s Show No Mercy, some early Watchtower influences and lots of the atmosphere from the Texas metal era. Production-wise it is somewhat similar also to Karian’s demos. The same proeminent bass-lines, muffled sound, etc.
The demo starts off with Choosers of the Slain, which has one of the most badass intros ever with those chugging riffs and insane bass-lines. And I mean INSANE!! Hands down, the best song on here!
Joe Gregory is quite competent, balancing between high screams (comparable with the ones from Tom Araya's early days) and vicious vocals. Nice full tone in the last siren type vocals in Violence, the shortest song on here.

Reign of Violence, continues the onslaught on a more speed metal fashion, followed then by changes of rhythms, which work fine.
9 minutes of pure insanity! Truly one of the greatest underground demos of all-time!