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Later used by Impailed Northern Moonforest. - 40%

oneyoudontknow, May 18th, 2009

Back in 1988 this four track demo was recorded and even though the sound is really muffled and dirty, and even though the compositions are quite average in quality, there are parts on this release which have some peculiarly nice moments. Of some importance might be the track Polluted Holocaust, because the vocals wake memories on what shall years later be composed under the title Return Of The Necrowizard by the legendary band Impailed Northern Moonforest. These screams and bursts of unintelligible lyrics are simply too alike.

Anyway, a gentle acoustic intro opens the demo and it is influenced (or even taken from) classical music -- the reviewers ignorance of this genre prohibits to give a clearer reference -- and it is so strikingly calm, friendly and flowery that even Alcest might consider it for their shoegaze drenched post-black metal thing. Yet, Fenriz plays the drums, so the chances to have some metal here as well are given of course and even though he does not appear on the opener, despite it being a metal track, the other three tracks are some of his first steps in the showbiz and these are by no means bad.

When it comes to point to any specific outstanding aspect of this release, then most certainly the second track needs to be mentioned, due to the nice arrangements with which it comes. There is some vague moment of brilliance there, which is absent most of the time and hides behind the incapability of the musicians and the bloody awful bed-room production. Yes, the acoustic interlude in the middle and the idea to continue it with the guitars for some seconds and is basically the only time in these four tracks that some kind of atmosphere is created. Valhall just feels too comfortable with blasts and keeping the tempo up, sticking with a mixture of thrash riffs and croaking style vocals to realize that a different approach could help them in one way or another. The song-writing is quite wanting and not exceedingly good; what else can be expected by a song lengths of only a few minutes; not one breaks the three minutes barrier. Linear, primitive but still somehow interesting thrash metal is offered here,

This piece of music is over twenty years old now and the only reason to actually listen to it is for some vague feeling of nostalgia; maybe even Fenris's involvement justifies it in some respect, but not every fart released by him is worth sniffing.