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A Whole Lot Of Vader (Maybe A BIt Too Much!) - 70%

Shirt_Guy, July 2nd, 2008

Some bands end up releasing tons of albums by sticking to pretty close to the 2 year tour/album cycle. Vader has done exactly that, and then some with a couple of albums released 1 year after another, and tons of little EPs floating around too. With all those releases, songs can get lost in the shuffle. For a band like Vader, it makes sense to go back and re-record a lot of old songs instead of actually making a new album this time around, as it would probably create even more songs that would fall into the cracks.

Vader of course has a signature death metal sound that usually hangs on those quick, tremolo picked riffs done just in a way that you can tell is Vader, as well as Peters signature voice, and those hyper-blast beats. Over the years, Vader has really perfected the formula into crafting some songs that are truly catchy in the world of death metal. As I said though, it was a craft that took time to perfect, and those same signature tremolo picked riffs and top-speed drums which constitute the large majority of the tracks on this album, meaning that not only do some of those early songs lack some identity and begin to blur into one another, but the whole effort can chip away at your resolve. Considering that this is a dual-disc album with 26 songs, at 95 minutes long, that’s a whole lot of Vader to take in all at once!

Of course, if you haven’t gotten very many Vader releases before their 2006 album “Impressions in Blood”, you’re getting tons of Vader value for your buck, so this is a big plus on the quantity scale. Personally, I do still recommend the latest Vader albums, as they tend to be built as a whole, and the writing scale has been tweaked pretty well over the years.

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