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Exactly what I wanted to hear - 86%

stefan86, October 23rd, 2005

Vader have always been one of the most reliable forces in Death Metal. However, their last opus "The Beast" lacked their usual edge and had way too many melodic intensions. Considering how this new EP sounds, they are surely trying to redeem themselves.

After the short intro "Para Bellum" they rip straight into "This Is The War", a song reminding me very much of the stronger tracks on "Litany". This is exactly how I want this band to sound, as they're going for maximum speed and crunch. They might be going right back to their prime with this EP, because this is fucking good.

"Lead Us" continue in the same vein, but with somewhat more slow parts. It sounds like they've listened a bit to their polish buddies in Lost Soul, and that's definitely not a bad thing. It works very well, and slaughters everything on their last album thoroughly.

One thing that must be said is that drummer Daray does a far better job this time around. He plays more inventive and more intricate, allowing the riffs to be strenghtened instead of just following patterns as on "The Beast". He's clearly proven that he's a worthy replacinement of Doc if he keeps playing like this.

There's also one more short interlude and two more full tracks on this EP, and Vader continues to deliver on those songs. "What Colour Is Your Blood?" sounds like a more brutal version of "Revelations" and it fucking owns. It's really catchy without losing any intensity whatsoever. The last song is one more piece of classic Vader. Fast, furious and to the point.

I must say I'm very happy with this EP. Vader seem to be going back to the "Litany" days. I'm definitely looking forward to the next album from these guys, as well as seeing them live once again.