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This Is The Fucking War! - 96%

pickharmonic, January 29th, 2006

First off, I want to say that this is some of the best shit I’ve heard from Vader, and that is saying A LOT because I love everything I’ve heard from them. With the release of this EP, Vader shows that still know what it is to write good fucking death metal, with their own little twist.

The EP opens up with “Para Bellum”, which is very nice and atmospheric keyboard piece with a very war-like and sad feeling to it. It eventually builds up to “This Is The War”, which starts of with a war-march like snare drum part and then the whole band explodes in full force. The main thing I want to point out is Daray’s drumming. His drumming is so fucking fast it’s ridiculous. This guy is definitely a worthy replacement of Doc (RIP). This is probably my favorite track off the CD. Total fucking chaos! Next up is “Lead Us!!!” which is completely written by Mauser. I expected some differences in the song writing since it wasn’t Peter writing the song, but it follows the same vein as all the other Vader songs, but I definitely think Mauser should write more material for Vader in the future. I love the part around 1:53. This part makes you want to headbang until your head flies off! It fucking rules! “Banners In The Wind” is another song like “Para Bellum”, very beautiful and war-like once again. The last two tracks, “What Colour Is Your Blood?” and “Death In Silence” are also very good tracks. Both are heavy and fast as fuck.

This is quality fucking Vader right here, this definitely has my vote as one of the best releases of the year. If the next Vader album is like this, holy fucking shit…