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In Fury, now I ask you, WHAT COLOUR IS YOUR BLOOD? - 94%

The_Boss, May 17th, 2008

Vader are one of the most solid and revered death metal bands to have ever graced the scene, going now 25 years into the foray of death metal becoming one of the biggest titans. Everyone knows how awesome Vader's musicians are, (RIP Doc, even though you didn't perform here) Daray took over drum duties and despite having to fill the massive legacy, he did so playing top notch, Piotr playing excellent guitar riffs and ripping his vocal chords establishing himself as one of the best death metal vocalists, and Mauser shredding this bitch up with wicked solos. All to create an outstanding death metal EP, yes a fucking EP, and probably one the best EP out there as well as probably the best Vader has ever done.

Songs on here are just pure all out blasting death metal with highly memorable songs, as well as the opener song instrumental Para Bellum and the interlude type song aiding to create the otherworldy atmosphere of a battlefield with it's symphonic mechanical sound almost. The whole sound of The Art of War is a very devilish, mechanized and furious combination, probably as someone mentioned previously brought on by the non stop barrage of double bass overall performance of Daray on drums. That mixed with the guitar tone being very 'buzzsaw-ish' compliment each other to a furious mix of something like a mechanized battleground. The production here as well is very tight and polished, having a great mix with the perfect amount of keeping in a slick guitar tone being just razor sharp and punishing drums as well as the vocals being another highlight. The biggest letdown is probably the lack of bass but in the end it isn't much of a negative.

This Is The War, Lead Us!!!, Death In Silence are all awesome death metal songs in standard Litany-era Vader sound, pure all out assault on the ears, from the hyper fast solos in This Is The War and Lead Us!!! to the ultra fast blast beats on Death In Silence it all works. The riffs in the first two are very mighty as well, I find it impossible not to headbang to pretty much any of the actual songs on here. But, those are all trumped by the monster of a track, What Colour Is Your Blood? Now my favorite Vader song, this features one helluva main riff that is completely headbang-worthy and just plain awesome, as well as having an awesome chorus, I swear it's impossible to not sing along with Piotr here. As for singing along, This Is The War is just as hard to not sing along with, yelling about fighting along in the war against God and whatnot... 'THIS IS THE WAR, THAT YOU WERE ASKING FOR!'. Just fucking awesome.

Vader have done something amazing, AND IT'S JUST AN EP! So I recommend checking this out if you want awesome fucking death metal. It's got a great production, absolutely top-notch musicianship, highly memorable songs as well as a fun mechanized/futuristic atmosphere. I can't imagine how death metal fanatics can't like this it's so damn catchy. Polish death metal at it's best!