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Generic and irritating - 45%

PluviaSomniums, October 7th, 2007

It seems like most peope dig Vader's EP "The Art of War", and I can see why - there are plenty of riffs, it is fast, brutal, violent and relentless. Just like death metal should be done, right? Sure. My only beef with this EP is that, to these ears, everything is so damn generic and the riffs are so non-descript that the songs are hard to differentiate from each other. I don't know if this is typical of Vader in general, because this is my only Vader purchase, and frankly I plan to keep it that way.

Sure, its not all bad. 'What Colour Is Your Blood' has a few stellar riffs thrown in there, but of course they go by so fast that before you realise that a decent riff had just hit you, the band has already launched into a sub-par, standard death metal riff. The very first track is a nice, melodic little orchestrl ditty with a suiting millitary-esque atmosphere, but that all ends quickly with 'This Is War' which just sucks.

The main problem with Vader is the tone of it all. I HATE the guitar tone - it sounds too much like a buzzsaw. It has no crunch and no feeling to it - no atmosphere. Vader really don't try with their riffs here - they just kind of alternate the note patterns on the first five frets of the first two strings and play the alternations as fast as they fucking can. Yeah, the drum work is pretty stellar - fast as fuck without a break, but the drums sound far to "click-y" is the fact that the constant double bass work and blastbeats NEVER end, not even for a thrash-like interlude like so many death metal bands do, just gets fucking irritating. And the bass is inaudbile. Which is probably a good thing.

There are no standout tracks here, because they all sound the same - and there are no especially bad songs as well, because, one again - all the songs sound the same. This is just a foray into the sub-par. Apparently I must be missing something, because this is a highly praised piece of work. But I think it blows, with a very few, very brief moments of cool riffage.