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Extremely good! - 95%

Necrophagist56, August 17th, 2006

Vader seems to have stepped it up a little forom their last album with two key elements: Speed and production! "The Beast" was great, but not even close to the same speed as this release and the production on it? Eh, your typical Thrash production/mix job. "The Art Of War" is super loud and clean sounding which I like.

The first song "Para Bellum" is a perfect intro song to the EP. It has a nice string/orchestra arragement and it gave me the feeling of an army marching to battle through an old rainy town. All of a sudden the snare drum just busts into a march like beat and before you know it the next track has already started; that track being "This Is The War". This song has to be one of the fastest songs I have ever heard! I can't think of a song that has a faster blast beat going. I had heard all of Daray's work in Vesania, but his stuff on there wasn't this fast at all! The next song "Lead Us!!!" is a great super fast song as well and a standout feature in it is it's 2 guitar solo's. "What Colour Is Your Blood" is a great song, but it is a littler slower paced more straight forward thrash then the rest of the cd, but thats good, it shows that they dont stick to making all their songs with the same formula. "Death In Silence" is another insanly fast song with great Thrash riffing, but as soon as it starts it seems like it's over because this song clocks in at a mere 2:10. It's a good way to end the album though. Vader seems to know what they are doing though becayse it makes you want more!

The only downside I see this is "Banner's In The Wind". It sounds like an exact rip off of the song "Lumen Clamosum" from their Polish mates Vesania... Daray is in both bands too! Either Vader did'nt care that they have a song that are exactly the same or they were hoping no one would notice, I don't know. Besides this little oddity, this album is flawless!