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MGSX666, October 18th, 2009

Like a previous reviewer stated, this EP is the perfect example of quality, not quantity. That statement couldn't be any more true. Within the 20 minutes or so, there's brutality. Brutality which only lets up once on the ambient track, "Banners in the Wind". The awesome intro track, "Para Bellum" (this and the previously mentioned song are by Siegmar, of the Polish metal band, Vesania) perfectly leads into the catchy opening riff to "This is the War" and that sets the mood for the whole EP.

One thing that really stands out on this album is the drumming. I mean, HOLY SHIT. Daray is a beast. From the triplet rhythm on "This Is The War" to the machine gun-like blasts of the closing track "Death In Silence", everything is so tight, precise, and fast. This is by far some of the best blasting I have ever heard.

Well, on a small album like this, it is hard to pick standouts without picking 80% of the album. Although, I will discuss one song as a standout because, it is so different than all of the other songs. "What Colour is Your Blood?" has a sweet, thrashy riff and an incredibly catchy chorus.

All in all, this EP is many things. An awesome metal album, a great gateway death metal album, an embodiment of futuristic warfare, a shining example of quality not quantity. There are absolutely no filler tracks, every (actual) song is a death metal masterpiece. Now, one might argue that there are 2 filler tracks ("Para Bellum", "Banners in the Wind") but, they really aren't. It really adds to the album as a whole. I would not listen to these songs individually, but, as an album, they lead into the songs quite well. The pioneers of the genre, the band that helped put Poland on the map reign supreme again in this true work of ART (pun intended).