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Extremely intense and well produced - 93%

Idontsuckdick, December 28th, 2008

I am actually very disappointed this is only an EP consisting of just four complete songs, because this EP is absolutely incredible. This is yet again another release of Vader produced late into their career, yet still manages to stand out as their best material. For the most part Peter is the brain behind the band, so it is hard to tell if the new and better sound is because of the many different line up changes. Still this album reflects much more creativity, more speed, and more mature solos and vocals than before.

The first two tracks, which are connected, will send a chill down your spine and you will find yourself going back to listen to it over and over again. We start off with a very symphonic intro that is unusual for Vader, and the keyboards have a very clean, epic sound. Soon the drums come in with a war chant and at soon enough the guitars come in (which is now the second track). It is a very loud and heavy sound, and the recording for one thing is excellent. The song builds up flowing smoothly into each riff. Once the keyboards leave and the main section of the song enters, the classic Daray blast beats come in. You are going to soil your leans once you hear how fast this drumming is. The vocals are cool, the solos are blaring and clever, and the transitions are well thought out.

The third track is very catchy and a little simpler than This is the War. The blast beats combined with the low and syncopated guitar sounds really cool. It is interesting because the guitar is playing a slightly slow rhythm while the drums are rocketing away. The solo is quick but cool, and there is an interesting breakdown at around two minutes. Then a classic Vader move, MORE SOLOING. The solos combine pentatonics with dissonant chords and speedy melodies, which sounds very diverse and interesting.

The fourth track is just an eerie soundscape, interesting but not much to talk about.

What Color is Your Blood is a very heavy and classic Vader sounding track. It sounds different from the rest of the EP, but none the less is awesome. The vocals are more bouncy, and I can see this being a very popular song to be played live, as it would most likely get the crowds blood flowing (not that any Vader song usually doesn’t). The solo is a little smoother unlike the random and speedy solos elsewhere on the album. After the solo there is another cool breakdown which leads back into the main theme. This is a very cool song; I suggest you listen to it even if you don’t want to buy the album.

The last track is just pounding and heavy, but a little short and leads out quickly. It has some cool riffs and intense drumming. There is some interesting use of the whammy bar at some points, and this is most likely the fastest song at some points on the EP.

So I definitely recommend this EP, it probably won’t cost you much and is worth adding to your music collection. There is such a fast and intense feel to it and the production and sound is beautiful and well produced. It is a very good preceding album to Impressions in Blood, as it shows the new Vader sound and style, and proves the ability of Vader to sound awesome after so long.