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The Art Of Headbanging - 100%

Brujochingon666, October 23rd, 2005

This CD rules!!

Now that we have that out of the way, I'm going to review it. starting off this wondrous, orgasmic feast for the ears is "Para Bellum", a little "symphonic" intro full of drama to give it that "war" feeling. 10/10

It immediately continues on to track number 2, "This Is The War". it starts off where Para Bellum left off and continues the "war march". picking up into the classic Vader drumming and insane guitar riffing. Halfway through the song it has a little guitar solo. 10/10.

Track number 3, "Lead Us!!!" That's right, lead us indeed Vader as you continue to shred your way through the compition. It starts off with mid-tempo drumming with an awesome beat, then immediatly kicks off with unbelievable drumming and insane riffing. At about 1:23 in the song it has a wicked guitar solo as you would expect from Vader, then at 1:47 it achieves great riffing that leaves my ears in a state of euphoria. 10/10

Track number 4, "Banners On The Wind" is another instrumental, intro song that gives even more "warlike" environment to the CD. 10/10

Track number 5, "What Colour Is Your Blood?" Is my personal favorite on the album, as it picks off where #4 left off and leaves you wanting more from Vader. some memorable guitar riffs and technical drumming. the chorus at the end makes me sing along with Piotr 'Peter' Wiwczarek, with him singing "What Color is your blood!?". 10/10

Track number 6, "Death In Silence" is the final song on the album, and leaves you beaten into submission from Vader with it's insane and incredible trademark Vader drumming. 10/10

This album has everything you could want, the sound is incredible and crisp, every single note is played perfectly and you can clearly hear it when listening to it. the only bad thing about this EP is the end, at only 14 minutes and 31 seconds you will be begging for more. I am looking forward to their next album. On a side note, I downloaded this album early so I didn't get the video clip, but because I enjoyed it so much I will buy it to support them and hope they continue to make more great music.