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Kill them all! - 77%

stickyshooZ, July 1st, 2004

One day I was at the record store, looking for Vader’s “Litany” and came across only one album in the Vader section: “Revelations.” I was a bit indifferent and decided that I’d go home, check out metal-archives reviews on the album and decide whether or not I’d purchase it after reading all the reviews. Hmm, pretty decent reviews with good ratings, sounds like a very solid purchase! I listened...and while I remain slightly disappointed at the fact that this is a step down from the godly “Litany,” I’m not going to do a review for comparison purposes. This review is for the music on THIS album, not a debate on whether or not album X is better than, worse than, or as good as album Y.

No, I don’t think this isn’t as good as Litany, but it’s not bad by any means. The death metal tank from Poland is still going strong with bludgeoning and militant music. Like most metal fans know, death metal evolved from thrash, and you can easily hear the thrash era Slayer influences in Vader’s music. These influences show clearly in tracks like “Epitaph,” “Torch of War,” and “The Code” with speedy guitar, some of which sounds in vein of Metallica as well (listen carefully to “The Code” and you‘ll hear it). If you know anything about death metal, then it’s obvious that all of the songs are going to be pertinently wild and fast (death metal wasn’t born from thrash to be known for gentleness, evidently).

The guitars are very indistinct in sound - thrashy with plenty of heavy slab, which feels like dropping anvils on your head. This album along with “Litany” have opened my eyes to the wholesomeness of Doc’s drumming, who puts on nothing short of a bountiful performance. There isn’t just a bunch of blast beating; there is variety too - something which a lot of death metal bands seem to forget about, especially in the drum department. Like in most death metal, there is a lot of tremolo picking as well (“When Darkness Calls” is a good example of some fine tremolo melody). Great news though - its not just tremolo picking in the guitar department, there is a fair amount of chugging riffage going on, especially in songs like “Epitaph.”

There are some very catchy tracks, like “The Nomad” with the hypnotic chugging guitar riffs and obtuse drumming. For awhile, I’ve been kind of irked by Peter’s vocals, but hey, they are different and more unique than most death metal vocalists in the business are. If there were anything perplexing about this album, I’d say it’s the solos. The solos wail and scream into the flow of music, batter the listener, then fade out with that haunting vanish of lament...and how can you not love that wrathful line in “Epitaph” near the end... “KILL THEM ALL!” Pure fucking rage and aggression right there.

Over all, this isn’t a bad album, but I feel it’s a step down from “Litany,” musically. It’s certainly aggressive and assertive like Vader have always been. Very good album, not great, but pretty worthy attempt.