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Decent, straightforward death metal - 78%

Zaphod, March 2nd, 2007

"Revelations" was my first Vader LP, and I've never gotten bored by it. Although nothing totally mind-blowing, it has its ass-kicking moments, is headbangable, and certainly doesn't disappoint at any time. Simply straightforward stuff by one of the quality death metal bands of Europe.

The highlights of the album are definitely the vocals and the solos. Peter's singing style, though not revolutionary, is unique and instantly recognizable, among my favourites in the genre, and keep the album interesting when the riffs let go of my attention. Some say it's an acquired taste, but I've never had troubles acquiring it. The solos then are more captivating, and stay interesting after a couple of dozen listens. Better than your average death metal solos - not here to shred but to create sort of an alienating atmosphere on top of the riffs (see last track).

Overall, the musicianship here is above average. The riffs are decent and not intended to provide some instant satisfaction like so many generic death metal of recent years. Like said by others before, they've got their fair share of thrash influences, and are of the rhythmic, chromatic type rather than the melodic (duh, this is Vader). Clever constructs, but nothing pretentious or bombastic. In the same vein of that are the drums: standard quality modern death metal.

The first song opens with a couple of crushing, mid-paced riffs, then speeds up and displays what most of the album (tracks 2 to 7) will sound like: fast, riff-based, etc. Favourite track on here must be the last one, simply because of its atmosphere; it's a lot slower and more epic.

The production is rather clear and puts the guitars and vocals up front, hiding the bass drum a bit more than on "Litany", and is hence more friendly towards the headache-prone listeners (I guess). Overall decent as well, if modern.

33 minutes of steadfast death metal. Not stellar, but get this if you're into the genre.