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It's all about the last track - 72%

NocturneFreeze, August 11th, 2008

Vader has this nasty habit of making many songs look a lot like each other. Usually it's not a problem. As long as the quality is top-notch, diversity is just a backup plan. But what if the quality isn't like classics as Litany or De Profundis. Yeah, then problems start to exist.

The first two songs aren't of any problems. Epitaph and The Nomad are fine tracks, nothing new but great to headbang to. After that, the songs become pretty average. Wolftribe and Whispers are the usual Vader tracks, except there are no good riffs in it to qualify them as good tracks. After that, the quality rarely picks up. Except for Torch of War and The Code the songs aren't anything special.

Up until the last track. As if Vader wanted to bore the listener so much to eventually send the listener's mind to a heavenly hell. Revelations of Black Moses is not only the most original thing Vader has ever put out, it's also the best. 7 Minutes of slow-paced but heavy as hell riffing. The lyrics are incredible on this track. Though the subject remains the same as other Vader lyrics, Piotr takes a very poetic course. Like the title suggests, it's the evil version of the story of Moses.

Not only is the riffing the best of all, the solo's and leads are tremendous as well. The solo at the 3 minute mark might just be one of the best solo's in death metal. Starting slowly and acceralating to end up real fucking fast. Revelations of Black Moses is the most evil, most awesome song Vader has ever made.

Although the only track to remember is the last one, the whole album is like the usual Vader album ridden of atrocious songs. The problem is just that they don't put anything new or of great quality in the basket. If more attention was laid on tracks such as Lukewarm Race or Whispers, this album might as well be rated among album as De Profundis, Black to the Blind or Impressions in Blood.

Black moses is my name, and these are visions from Egypt's guardian seraph