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Pure Classic Death Metal - 90%

Dead_Meat_Industry, January 6th, 2003

Vader is back again with another album of Polish metal mayhem! "Revelations" is an album that should certainly not be overlooked amongst the large amounts of identical sounding foreign death metal cds out there right now. This is original material.

The first track "Epitaph" is a typical mid-paced song with decent drumming and the phrase shouted out near the end of the song: "Kill them all!" The second track "The Nomad" starts out with catchy guitar, and progresses into a classic Vader song. The song "Whisper", which in my opinion is the best on the album, features guest vocalist Nergal from the black/death metal and Behemoth. This song is what I like to call a full-scale metal assault! It reaches extreme levels of aggression and power heard by few metal bands today.

The next few tracks all convey a sort of thrash type sound, which Vader does well. "Torch of War" is another aggressive high speed song with insane drumming from none other than Doc himself! The final track "Revelation of Black Moses" is what I thought was the weak point of the album. It slows down a lot, and while it has well written lyrics, the music just dosen't do it for me. The U.S. version of the album has 3 bonus tracks, which are also good and show more of Vader's talent.