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"An instant DVD classic..." - 94%

Litany21, April 3rd, 2008

Ahh Vader...The most successful Polish metal band to ever come from the Iron Curtain. Known for their relentless riff attacks, unbelievable solos which Hell itself would run from and backed by a drum kit that makes a tank rust on sight, Vader comes at you with no stop in sight. Seeing Vader live just proves that.

"More Vision and the Voice" was originally released on VHS as just "Vision and Voice", however, all of you updated maniac(x)s can enjoy the amazing version of this instant live metal classic on DVD!

Loaded with 12 songs played right in their home of Poland, one being a cover of the very famous "Black Sabbath", Vader rips through your flesh with inferno felt songs such as their live staples "Silent Empire", "Carnal" and "Sothis" Although this DVD was directly transferred from VHS, and the video quality SLIGHTLY suffers, the sound is extremely powerful and punchy, bringing you right in the action and never stopping!

Right from the Kingdom era, Vader plays from their first 3 albums. Mostly songs from Black to the Blind, you get your coverage of Red Passages and Distant Dreams (hehe ;-) Of course, De Profundis gets it's share, with "Reborn in Flames" even appearing. And as said before, "Black Sabbath" comes in a different yet positive light. Enabling you to hear a different atmosphere of the song, you find yourself lost in the ever famous evil chords right when the song starts. Although some may criticize Peter's attempt at Ozzy, he fills the spot just fine.

The performances are of worthy note of course (It's Vader, what were you expecting?).

Peter, as usual, profoundly controls the atmosphere and the attention of the fans. With his universal-destroying solos, sonic pulsing riffs and diction in the lyrics and calculated as beautifully as Mozart's music, Peter shows why he's one of the very best musicians and frontmen to ever grace us.

Mauser gives a wonderful performance, just joining Vader around this time period. Although at this time period he isn't given too much attention from the cameras, he will eventually become a fan favorite for his solos that have as much emotion as the rain from the sky.

Shambo, as with most of the Vader bassists, with the exclusion of Novy, follows the patterns of Peter and Mauser. Very entertaining to watch however..

And may he rest in eternal bliss, Doc rages through the set with pummeling blasts, incredible double bass assaults and control that is amazing to see.

Overall, this is a wonderful live DVD to own. Not only do you get the Kingdom gig, you also get a bootleg gig of the No Mercy Festival 2001. Right from the Litany album, you get to hear some songs that weren't played for a while. On top of that, 3 music videos, as well as a very interesting interview with Peter (Polish with English subtitles).

May Vader be heard all around the world! (And coming soon to Egypt for the first time...)