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That Thump… - 88%

OzzyApu, October 19th, 2013

The drum bass on this album is the punchiest, thumpiest kind I’ve ever heard that works. It crosses between a bruttish, natural sound and the beat-drop common in electronic music. The idea that an almost-metronome drum bass would work on a blitzy death metal album might be puzzling but to me it adds to the domineering temperament. Litany’s up there with being one of my favorite Vader albums partly because of this. The snare isn’t my favorite sound (tinny tin tin), but that’s nitpicking which in the end doesn’t detract from the overall sound. The songwriting’s ripe, the production’s fantastic, the riffs are rough, and the length is just right for such a show of force.

No long songs mean this album goes by in a flash. It’s not like any Vader album is really long (other than XXV), but when there are songs that are only a couple minutes long it kills the potential of what could have been fleshed out pieces. Stuff like “Xeper” and it’s thrashy, lively riffing gives off the apocalyptic feel that gets lost with the fast, blast-beat ridden <2 minute songs. Those tracks are pure wrath leaving no breaks for its non-stop assault. The guitars rupture with a clear, crisp tone and the bass is right there to add to the bludgeoning quality. Drumming is ballistic and Peter’s gruff yell / growl is rowdy but a little under the guitars mixing-wise. The contrast in quality between these swifter numbers and the longer songs isn’t degraded for reasons such as disposition and flow. This album’s discordant, sinister core is portrayed in various ways and those songs are merely such ways.

I never thought highly of those twisted, jarring solos. Morbid Angel and Immolation do them a lot, and Vader doing it along with them holds them back I believe. Songs like “Cold Demons” is scything but has a solo that’s a dud, like a rocketing firework. It’s impressive going up but fails to explode into something memorable. Others like “The World Made Flesh” are the ones I’m into – melodic, memorable, and epic. This album’s not totally on that side when it comes to the writing, but the balance exists between the two styles. Songs like the rolling “Xeper,” the surging “The Calling,” the sinister “The World Made Flesh,” and the brilliant re-recording of the thrashy “The Final Massacre” are the best on here. They showcase Vader’s primal nature in their most kickass formats.

There’s nothing docile about this album. It’s a half hour of death metal that’s packed tightly with a thick, concentrated tone. It isn’t dark like De Profundis, which I would have liked, but it’s able to do very well without it. More melody and longer songs would have made this equal with something like Welcome To The Morbid Reich, which I consider my favorite Vader album. Nonetheless, remaining in the band’s top albums is no shame. If there’s anything to dive in this is one of them; a real keeper.

The ultimate in Anti-Poseur music! - 97%

Wra1th1s, June 2nd, 2009

What better way to cleanse myself of poseur music (read: DeadSquad) than with the mighty Polski metal act VADER? So apparently if you turn the Indonesian flag upside down you get the Polish flag, and the quality of Heavy fuckin' Metal is reversed! What we have here is fuckin' polished (*groan*) no-nonsense DEATHRASH! And the DUFF DUFF-iest bass drum this side of Music. Fuckin' louder than house music, the first time I heard it I literally fell outta my chair and started rolling on the floor. The absurd...BASS-iness of it just made me fuckin' laugh. No really it's like one of those thug/gangsta bass beat in shitty hip-hop/rap stuff that annoy the fuck outta ya whenever a 'pimped out ride' passes thru' your 'hood. The only way they coulda made that sound is if they hired Godzilla to drum for them using a drumkit made outta adamantium and they recorded it on the fucking MOON! It's that damn beefy.

And the actual music is damn good as well, none o' that self-indulgent "look at me ma! I can sweep-pick all the way from fret 1!" approach that plagues much of modern death metal, no pseudo-technical pinch-harmonic ridden riffs, no open-minded "Let's put an acoustic jazz break here for shits and giggles!" stuff that's being extolled by a certain Sverige band. No sir, this whole album just fuckin' thrashthrashthrashes until Jesus is too scared to do the Second Coming.

And it starts off without warning! Straight into goddamn "Wings" and it doesn't let up...EVER! Riff after riff after riff of solid deathrash is all there is, even in the shorter songs. Repetitive? I think NOT! There is a distinct identity for each and every song, not unlike Cryptopsy's masterstroke None So Vile where all the songs are pretty much blazing on but each has their own stamp of uniqueness. And there is an enviable SIX SONG STREAK of perfection from "Wings" to "The Calling."

The atmosphere presented here is that of pure fucking Armageddon, no not fucking Mayhem, but literal chaos. Piotr kindly asks "Can you keep up?" and the answer is fuck no. It's safe to say that if you don't have a bangover you are dead. No really, listen to "Litany" or "Xeper" or even "The Final Massacre," they all demand you to bang your with such ferocity that thy head falls off or thy heart ceases to beat. DEATH metal indeed.That last one in particular sounds like a thrash song gone horribly, horribly RIGHT.

So what in Mighty Czernebog's name could have brought the score down from 150%? Two words: short songs. They are underdeveloped. Kinda like the stuff in Reign in Blood, it's nice and all but you know? Not quite boss. Though the second song "The One Made of Dreams" worked nicely. Well, at least they relegated the crap towards the end of the album and they ended with the magnificent "The Final Massacre" so yes, all is forgiven.

Surgeon General's Warning: Listening to this album will cause one or both of these things to happen 1) The urge to take a shit, seriously the drums are of the brown note variety. At least it'll cure your constipation 2) Headaches, I'm serious. The incessant pounding will actually rape your ear drums and bore into your cerebrum until you bleed.

This is indeed the final solution against poseurs. I modestly propose that the CIA, IRS, JLA, and the LoEG use this to get some answers from "those damned Commies" or whoever we're fighting nowadays. If the first minute of "Wings" won't do the trick, then put on "Xeper." That'll learn 'em!

For once, I can safely use the adjective 'brutal' and not feel like it's a hyperbole. Vader as a band are very consistent, but this easily stands out as their shining star. If you're looking for deathrash metal that's loud and proud about it, look no further than Vader's Litany.

(Sidenote: I became interested in this band after experiencing another Polish gem, that is to say The Witcher)

Modern death metal that doesn't suck Pt.III - 100%

Arboreal, November 19th, 2008

The last installment of this series. I saved the best for last. This release is a crowning achievement in death metal.

Two Polish bands in this series!. What's in the water there? I admit, I don't have a whole lot of music from Poland and the rest of the bands in my collection from there play black metal. Maybe the guys in Behemoth and Vader are just mutants. Whatever the case, I'm damn glad they're around. This is my favorite death metal album, bar none.

It's like the band set up on the turret of a battle tank and the moment you switch this on, they come crashing out of your speakers and plow through your house growling, riffing, and blasting on a suicidal last stand of destruction. Intense.

The drum sound! My god! It's like the fucking Hulk is doing the footwork here. THEY ARE COLOSSAL. Loudest and beefiest bass drums I've ever heard on an album. Just holy shit...I'll restrain the navy blue vicar for now (seriously, read his reviews). And get ready to have your skull caved in and your insides reorganized from the bludgeoning drumming performance on Litany.

That is cool by itself but the riffing is just as great! They typically whip up whirlwinds of violent yet melodic tremolo in addition to the requisite palm muting and crushing European style power chords. Whiplash inducing so you might want to strap yourself down before hitting the play button. Don't forget to brace for impact when the 1st Company of Badass Polish Mutants comes tearing out. If you cranked this shit on a loud stereo your neighbors would probably kill you if the marauding sound waves didn't grind them into pudding first.


Those are lyrics! This music hurts stuff. It tears off heads no less. Yes, the Hulk is definitely in session on this masterpiece of death metal. Plus they're vox that you can mostly understand, always a great thing.

Litany is primarily up tempo but not in the pretentious way. The songs are broken up well without letting them breathe TOO much, of course. Assault is the name of the game here. It's been my feeling that music represents some sort of movement in it's rhythms. This would represent bashing your head into a cement wall very rapidly. And it feels's metal. Metal with POUNDING FACEFUCKING FLINTSTONE RHYTHMS OF DEATH. I couldn't hold that in any longer and it's important to know.

While the theme of war is hardly new, Vader pulls it off just as well as, if not better than, Bolt Thrower even if they deal with other themes too.. The fifth track "Cold Demons" features an intro and outro sample of a tank crew engaging a target then leaving at the end of the song. Not to mention the barbaric vocalist screaming "FIRE!!!" in sync with the cannon towards the end! That track alone would be worth enough for a good score Just go ahead and order it if you don't already have Litany. Download it while you wait. I'll let the album speak for itself.

European death with a modern flair sans the cheese and wank. 100% punishing.

Inspirational - 98%

hexen, March 5th, 2008

An inscrutable furtherance of the Slayers' notoriety - Vader depicts a more artistic and fulfilling impression of Slayer, an impressive accomplishment on its own. On this composition, Litany, the music is accompanied with less technical proficiency, but with an elevated understanding of the extremities involved in making this music a revelation to death metal and all radical dogmas in general. This album is a creation of less finesse than Black To The Bland but of reasonable mellifluousness which makes it a romantic experience - One worth dwelling upon by almost any Hessian and an important mark on the history of death metal being resurrected by one of its more potent musicians.

Unlike other prominent projects such as Cynic, Death, Immolation and such during the decade of the release of this material, the vigor of Vader is in the competence of the band to work in utmost cooperation, all instruments being woven together masking the artwork and display of ideologies that Vader attempts to promulgate through Litany. Structures drift through abstract quantities of aggression and intolerance as the guitar layers provide the essence of the pummeling music this album as drums caress each riff with unparalleled blast bleats and double bass frantic activity as Vader acrobat themselves through high speeds and chaotic poems of endurance.

The quintessential idea about Vader is the friendliness of the guitar frenzy. Effortless tremolo commotion accompanied by the viscous palm mute picking create the relentlessness which Vader is famous for, although at counterpoints twists and turns incorporate the beautiful aesthetic brought throughout the years. Vader dominate rhythm sections of consummate texture and definitive conception of guitar models, probably even more well thought off in a subtle manner than James Hetfield or Dimebag Darrel could ever manage. The inclusion of some minor scale tapped solos is ultimately a distinction many who have no heard Vader before will notice, this aids in the expansion of the musical agenda a group like this

What differentiates this material from previous artistry is the flawless tempo which assists the headbanging turmoil one experiences after exposure to the album, which is the reason why Litany has become more popular alongside not only Hessians, but Metalheads as well. Few bands have executed music as straightforward as this, yet managed to create something simply genre defining instead of churning up junk based on mainstream appeal. Whilst Black To The Blind contained an appreciation of the depth of structuring and percussive feel, Litany blows away with objective resilient structuring and furthermore employs the virtuous drumming of deceased member Doc.

Litany remains as a continuation of the rebellious nature of the destructive genre known as death metal, it stands as an invocation to the minds and ears of any individual who wishes to learn, this philosophically based material promotes the sedition of all Nietzsche influenced individuals within the genre, one does not need to delve into the lyrical content in the booklet to see that Vader are intelligent musicians with the intent of influencing the world, for Litany, is truly a call to mankind.

I Was Really Taken Aback By This One - 89%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 5th, 2008

I’ve always liked Vader for the true death metal spirit and music but this album is really their most violent one in their discography. I was astonished at first listening. Half an hour to destroy everything with high dose of blast beats and heavy guitars. The production is fantastic and good to capture the true essence of death metal.

The group is always powerful and compact, more than ever. “Wings” is immediately fast and grinding with slower parts to support the guitars solo sections and the middle part. “The One Made Of Dreams” is remarkable for the continuing stop and go structure and for the perfect balance of blast beats and up tempo. The riffs are always evil and inspired even in a monolithic album like this one.

“Xeper” is the first stop in the long way to annihilation with more mid-paced parts and thrash guitars lines, along with some whispered vocals and odd lead lines. If we can find darker solutions in a song like the title track, with the following “Cold Demons”, “The Calling”, “North” they have no mercy. A terrific sequence of clear-cut blast beats, fast bass drums beats and manic riffage. The vocals here are really amazing and brutal!

“Forwards To Die!!!” and “A World Of Hurt” are always on up tempo and “The Final Massacre” features good thrash riffs and an excellent bass drums work. The more mid-paced intro is perfect and then it grows in intensity. All in all, this is their most violent album. A true assault. True death metal.

Vader falls just a hair short of perfection - 95%

BastardHead, November 10th, 2007

If your eardrum could be raped by a bass drum, Vader's fourth official full length, Litany, would be the soundtrack. From the second Wings kicks through your speakers, you realize that this is easily the loudest bass drums ever recorded in a metal album. Seriously, I didn't get into Vader until I heard this album, and something about it just totally ripped my ass to shreds.

For the uninitiated, Vader is THE Polish death metal band. Fuck Behemoth, fuck Decapitated, it's all about Vader. As a matter of fact, Vader reigns supreme as my favorite death metal band of all time, and this album is their crowning achievement of domination. The guitar is fast, sharp, and... catchy? Oh yeah, they're fucking catchy (especially Xeper and Litany). The vocals are gruff, slightly comprehensible, and strangely catchy. And as previously mentioned... the drums are FUCKING LOUD! But that is not a detractor in any way. They work so well it doesn't even matter, not to mention they don't drown out the rest of the band anyway, so there would be no reason to mix them lower anyway.

As stated, Wings is the opener, and it is one FUCK of an opener, and probably my third favorite Vader song (the top three are all from this album). Seriously, when those obnoxious assholes on the road start cranking their shitty hip hop with the bass all cranked up, just blast this song back at them. They will be dumbfounded about the music anyway, but the bass will be louder than theirs, so it emasculates them as well. Hooray for death metal! The break is pretty cool too, "Would you do the same, if I shed my pair of wings?" Followed by one of the most headbangable riffs ever at 2:15. Absolutely astonishing song.

The One Made of Dreams is the obligatory short second track (seriously, every album has a short second track), and it is badass. That opening riff is one of the most evil sounding I've heard in a long time. That particular riff is so badass that they decided to rip it off on their next album with Lukewarm Race. *tsk tsk*, Y'all should know better than that!

Favorite song in their entire discography is next... the almighty fucking Xeper. That opening is not necessarily crazy technical, but it is most definitely damn technical by Vader standards. From what I can tell, they don't pull it off live, which is a shame. The verses are catchy as all hell, seriously. Catchy like AIDS. But.... you know, it kills you in a good way. Brutal as hell with some of my favorite riffs in metal. Hard to really explain this one, just listen to it. Chances are if you weren't a fan, you will be after hearing this.

Second favorite song is next, the title track. I love how the lyrics are actually a form of a litany, I think that's pretty clever. The verse riff is simple, but coupled with Doc's insane drumming, it comes off beyond any comprehensible realm of cool. I dare you not to headbang at any point during this song. I have to restrain myself from windmilling in that first verse, and the last two lines of every verse make me headbang at breakneck speeds. Seriously, if I were to misjudge myself and accidentally hit my desk...... I could die. This is a short song, but one of the best ever.

Cold Demons rounds out the first half of the record, and what a perfect first half of any record. This one starts off with a tank rolling through a presumed warzone, and then blasting some chump that got in it's way. This song is completely unrelenting, and just whips more ass than necessary under any circumstances. So far, if I had any complaints about this album, it'd be that it's making my neck hurt. It was looking like a perfect 100% score.

Holy shit? Is this six perfect tracks in a row? Litany shows no signs of slowing down, and The Calling is the perfect support to that statement. The riffs here are as great as ever. Again with Doc's crazy perfect drumming. The lead here shows you that that is not Vader's forte. They are here to crush skulls, not impress the brain and/or fingers with soaring solos. It's more the whammy madness of Kerry King and what-have-you, but it's still awesome. The last minute of this one is one of the more chaotic on the album.

We come to North, which is once again, fucking awesome. Only problem is that it is too short. This isn't usually a problem, as most death metal songs are on the short side, but it's just not as memorable as the previous sextet of havoc. Forwards to Die is the same deal really. It is over right around the time it starts, and just doesn't stick in your head like the first set. Although the last half minute is CRAZY! A World of Hurt starts off kind of slowly.... did they finally run out of steam? That question is answered very bluntly at the 20 second mark with Peter's signature grunt and Doc's signature blasts. The last group of three songs aren't bad, but they just don't measure up to the beginning. And the vocals actually sound a little uninspired near the end of this set.... as if he's tired. It's in the freaking studio, take a break man.... it's not a live show.

The World Made Flesh.... another pretty sweet one, but again, it just lacks the magic that was featured in the beginning of this record (although the guitar and drum solos are damn awesome). By now I'm a little disappointed that the CD slacked off at the end, but I knew that no matter what, the first half had already cemented itself firmly in my heart as one of my most favorite death metal series of all time.

Oh yeah, that's right, there's eleven tracks, does the last one suffer the same problem as the last quartet. Fucking no! This one has a strong Slayer vibe to it, but that is most definitely a compliment. One of the most brutal songs is found on The Final Massacre. The main reason this one is so great, is because it brings back the memorability of the first few. You will most definitely remember these riffs, these vocal lines, these drums, these everythings. Honestly, the more I listen to this, the more I think they may have just found a tape of a song Slayer decided not to record for some reason, because the riffs and solos just have Hanneman / King written all over them.

So the overall score averages out to be..... 95%. A middle A. I really wanted to give it an A+, but my calculations prove the statistical rating to be .94545 repeating, rounding up to .95. So it falls 2% short of the prestigious A+.

Still an absolutely amazing death metal record that is essential to any fan's collection. I promise you, the first half with blow you away harder than an atom bomb.

Key tracks: Wings, Xeper, Litany, and The Final Massacre are the cream of the crop here.

Their most brutal album to date!!! - 95%

Litany21, May 17th, 2005

Yes indeed...this is Vader's most brutal album. Litany speaks to many in different forms. Extremely heavy production, tight and commanding drumwork, catchy, sharp guitar work, chaotic, amazing leads, and of course, Peter's catchy yet angry vocals.

Lol yes, this album has indeed a lot of features. It's also in one way the most different Vader album. Unlike their other albums, which has their "death metal with thrash elements" mix, Litany seems to have almost no thrash mixture. There are maybe one or two riffs or sections in the brutal 11 song - 30 minute album, but not enough to really be called thrash. This album doesn't beat De Profundis of course but nonetheless, this amazing work of Death Metal will have you wanting to hear it again and again until you're black to the blind :-P

Litany starts off with Wings; probably their most well-known song (coming along with Xeper and Carnal). It starts off really kind of groovy with the drums being played in a certain way. As the double bass is clear in your're pounded upon relentlessly by an unbreakable wall of pure death metal. The lead in the song is wonderful; continous tapping with Peter's amazing talent at the Whammy, slowing down then back to the main riff; which goes right into the Breakdown of the Gods. The harmonics at the end of the riff is truly amazing. The lyrics in the song focus on being used by others in the old Roman way. Tied with my favorite song on the album. 10 / 10

The One Made of Dreams comes next; working it's way to madness as the blasting stops for a moment, coming in with a melodic riff that lets your mind imagine letting you become the dream. A very short song yes (as with a few other songs on the album) but still very catchy and brutal. The clean guitar riff around the very end has a great effect, giving you a sense of calm but then being bombarded with chaos once again. 9 / 10

One of their live-staples comes in at track 3: Xeper. Many out there claim Vader as being a good yet simplistic band. Not only are they not simplistic, but the beginning riff just shows that. Vader can play techincally if they wanted to (hear the beginning of Blood of Kingu and the riff change fest of Black to the Blind), but if they did that all of the time, it would ruin their formula . Nonetheless the beginning riff is awesome, coming then with a riff that is sure to headbang the decapitated :-) The lyrics in the song talk about becoming one with yourself. It also shows off the catchiness in the song. Xeper's the only song in the album with no blast beats, so it's bound to catch the most naive metal head if possible. You have come to being... 8.5 / 10

The next highlight, and tied with Wings comes the title track: LITANY!!! This has got to be one of Vader's greatest songs ever written. I also have to say it's Doc's best drum performance. Yes, beating such fan favorites like Carnal by a long shot. When all of the instruments come together in the beginning, try hearing all of Doc's fast cymbal work and constant tightness in his drum hits. It's pretty tiring. The lyrics talk about your "litany" to someone you hate. It's used in awesome adjective form; which truly lets the song shine. The riff changes in the song also are something interesting; as it must be somewhat of a challenge to play it perfectly live. This song blows proportions and heads alike. This is what you'll always be!!! 10 / 10

After the ending of Litany, you're calmed by the sound of a tank, coming your way. This is Cold Demons; the song of a tank and it's massive ways of destruction. It's a short yet well-developed song. You can picture yourself running from a tank. And as the song ends, it moves on to another target in another direction...leaving you to rot in your own blood. 8.5 / 10

The Calling is at track 6, being the almost 'death metal with thrash elements' song. This is probably the catchiest song on the album, with it's part palm-muted and high end note riffs. After the lead, it goes back to the chorus, and then breaks down into a fast, mulitple note chug festival. Around the end of the song though, Peter's vocals get kind of buried. Maybe a production problem? 9 / 10

#2 of 4 songs under two minutes on this album: North coming in at track 7. It doesn't waste time as it starts at pure blasting and chaos. Clocking in at around 1:30, you're blown out of space as the song gets to you before you can hear the song ( yes that made sense :-) 9 / 10

Forwards to Die!!! is next, being under two minutes as well. This song is just plain death metal; short and brutal to the point. Nothing so great about the song, except for the lyrical structure; which adds suspense to the song. I see the song as the opener for the next one... 8 / 10

A World of Hurt indeed...after the crazy sliding riff, you get to hear Doc let out his anger in this blistering, numb-leaving blasting. The verse riff sounds like dissonant riffs into opposite melodies with both guitars; like you want them to play it the other way, but that's how it's supposed to sound. 8 / 10

One of my other favorites, The Word Made Flesh. A very complete and tiring song to listen to. Various in the time and tempo changes, you're introduced to a hard pounding mixture followed by a great lead trade-off. The riffs are fun to listen to, different usages of palm-muting with stop and starts too. 9 / 10

The Final Massacre is one of Vader's first songs. Remade especially for this album, it's not only faster than the original, but more brutal and composed.
The opening riff embarks you on a journey with death, then dealing in the heart of darkness through the last massacre on Earth. The lead is fanatastic, giving the listener the chaotic feel of the violence around them; not to mention the blast-beats backing up the solo. Merciless...angels fly over heads!!! Indeed a wonderful way to end the album. 9.5 / 10

Why the hell not? The bonus track is awesome, so I'll put it in. Lord of Desert was on the Japanese version of Litany and a regular track on the EP Reign Forever World. The lyrics are amazing, talking of the underrated and powerful deity Seth of Egypt; fighting for his people yet condemned from his people. The Egyptian-like riff before the solo is extremely powerful and compassionate It's a quick and relentless piece. 9.5 / 10

There you have it. Vader's second best but most brutal album. The leads are not quite up to par with De Profundis and Revelations; but nonetheless is an embarkment of powerful death metal!

Setting a standard for catchy brutality everywhere - 87%

AzzMan, July 24th, 2004

Hokay. Here's how it is. It's short and sweet, great to kind of learn what's what in metal, easily acceptable as a good album, and it taught me to get into metal. This and Impaled.

First, that's a bit of a bias I have. In my days of Lamb of God (whom I still enjoy, actually), Killswitch Engage, *insert nameless Metalcore band here* and some shitty numetal, I was told to get this and Mondo Medicale. I did. Jesus, you can't help but love it. Fast, fast, fast! Catchy, semibrutal leads, the solos are to the point, the bass drum production is THE BEST I'VE HEARD, and it's just awesome.

Standing out, are Wings, the title track, and The Final Massacre. These three songs are the epitemy of "awesome." Doc's an insane drummer and it shows all the way through, providing great blasting, perfect double bass timing, and is probably the best part. The leads would get repetitive at some points, but the drums and vocals (see- Litany), cover that.

Straight up, made for headbanging, the leads are great, the solos, everything. As I said, it would get repetitive, except for the fact that the rest is always changing and thus seems alot different.

For a short dissection, we'll use North. Opening with :08 of blasting, we're soon treated to a nice riff, fast drumming, :30 in back to the blasting, and the sort of chorus. Through the rest it follows that general pattern, throw a solo in for flare, you've kind of got Litany in a nutshell right there. That doesn't make it bad, in fact it's a cornerstone of good music, but personally I think if they changed some of the guitarwork up, and lengthened the songs, it would be much more enjoyable.

Nevertheless, much worth the purchase.

Would You Do the Same... - 86%

Osmium, January 28th, 2004

...if I shed my pair of wings?

The first word that comes to mind as the first track of this awesome death metal album opens is "metal." When I hear that bass pounding, my neck goes into convulsions and I start headbanging to the point of spinal fractures, but I can't complain because my mind is doing the same damn thing.

The best song on here is definitely Wings. As mentioned before, it kicks in with an awesome bass, then explodes into a barrage of pure metal. The song is short, sweet, to the point - just like the album. It has some great lyrics, and an incredibly fast, shredded solo about 1:15 in. The vocals are as low as my standards for chicks, but I had no trouble making them out. The coolest part of this song, I think, is the prophetically spoken "would you do the same if I shed my pair of wings" part at the end of the song.

The rest of the tracks are occasionally a bit repetitive and not quite as powerful as Wings, but they get the job done. The riffs are pretty simple, but since the songs are short, they never get monotonous. The solos are also short, but quite varied. In several songs, there are spoken sections that permeate you like a Viking-hurled spear. The Cold Demons has the coolest spoken part "Enemy in front of us. Armor piercing, eleven o'clock. FIRE!"

Litany is a great mix of senseful brutality and creativity. Get it.

Absolutely Awesome Death Metal - 95%

DamnRight, May 8th, 2003

This is perhaps my favorite Death Metal cd of all time. The album is 30 minutes of awesome brutal Polish metal, and just when you think it may slow down, the relentless assault begins again. The album starts off with THE GREATEST ( IMO ) Death Metal song of all time, "Wings". This song is just so fucking awesome. It starts off with pounding bass drums that get faster and faster, until it all explodes into a relentless fury. As a matter of fact, the drumming on the whole cd is great, especially the crushing drum sound they have. There are parts in this song that slow down for a few second, but then it blasts away again. Fucking Awesome. Other highlights include "Xeper" with its fucking awesome thrashy main riff, "Litany", which has some crushing riffs and great drumming, "The Cold Demons", which has a tank firing for an intro and outro, and some serious speed, and "The Final Massacre" which has an absolutely fucking awesome Slayer-ish thrash intro riff.

Other high points of this album include its great production, great vocals, and its amazing ability to fucking rule. Im not sure if their other material is this good, but ill assume that this is one of their better albums, as this must be pretty fucking hard to beat. If you even remotely enjoy death metal, buy this now, but if you dont like death metal, start because you are missing out!!!

Vader can do no wrong - 95%

ABHORRED, April 15th, 2003

Just when you thought our beloved genre of Metal was becoming a repeating cycle of self parody, along comes an album such as Vader's "Litany"...

To show you 1) that not only wankish prog bands can shred, and 2) that Hardcore is still stupid. I can't really think of too many bands that hook you as quickly as Vader do, and fewer still that can keep your attention once they have it.

Pulling no punches, this one is really just back to basics. After the mild experimentation and deviation from their tried and true Death / Thrash formula on "Black to the Blind", they return yet again to dazzle us with their endless repertoire of ripping leads, crushing rhythms, and an even better grasp on the english language (haha) The disc starts off with a bang via 'Wings'; a pummeling blast-fest that really works to set the tone for the rest of the CD. The next track, 'The One Made of Dreams' continues in the same fashion. 'Xeper' is an unexpected turn, as it's stop and go pace shows a more brutal side of Vader we don't often see, while retaining it's headbang-ability.

The album rampages on and on, until you are met with a juggernaut of such immense proportion and heaviness, that it's presence alone should solidify Vader's place in any Death Metal fan's collection. This complete and total bruiser comes in the form of 'Forwards To Die!!!'. Relentless blast 'n' thrash through and through. This is followed by 'A World of Hurt' which opens with a great intro courtesy of drum virtuoso Doc, then is accompanied by a monster riff that is continued and expanded upon throughout most of the song. I suppose after those two paragraphs, I should talk a bit about the actual performances here, maybe a few words on the production too.

The vocals are textbook Vader shouts and yells. The leads are still chaotic and cacophonous. The riffs are inventive, catchy, and crushing. The bass is still the backbone of this band. The drums are (as always) played to perfection.

The production adheres to their high standards, although the snare could have been a little higher in the mix. All in all, very solid sounding with a lot of low-end. I'd say it demands nothing less than 200 watts and full surround sound, but that's just me :)

Bottom line: If you're a fan, buy it. If you have yet to hear these guys, and want to hear some of their better work, by all means check this one out.

*clickclickclickclick* fill *DUNDUNDUNDUN* RARRR - 83%

ironasinmaiden, January 6th, 2003

Let me start by saying I don't understand why this album is compared to Slayer so much... I hear WAY more Entombed circa Left Hand Path than Reign in Blood, et. al. Indeed, there are many Entombed-isms in Vader's all out attack. One of the most consistent death metal bands out there, Vader's peak has to be Litany.... 35 or so minutes of fucking double bass, shredding guitars, and siKK death metal.

The production on here is pretty good, although Peter's vox tend to be buried under a wall of metal. Drummer Doc has some fucking mad skills, but his triggered drum sound sucks pretty hard. None of this really matters, though, when the intent is to thrash. Litany's formula is pretty much heavy but memorable riff for a chorus, then fucking thrash till death during the verses, repeat, solo, repeat. No real standout tracks (except maybe the blazing FORWARDS TO DIE!.... gotta love peter's broken english!), but it's all top notch.

"Xepher" slows down to a groovy Entombed pace, and contains the riff to end all riffs.... just \m/ man. just \m/. the vocals are not too deep, but pretty badass anyway. you can understand what he says, which is anomalous in DM

If you like extreme music at all you will like this. So get on it, skippy. Also, see the Ultimate Incantation, more killer death metal there.

DEATH METAL!!! - 87%

mrbungle44, August 11th, 2002

I'm pretty sure everybody knowns of Vader, an introduction of this Polish Death Metal band will not be discussed...the only thing you need to know is that they will tear your head apart with a very good DM album.

Right from the beginning of the first track you know what the album is gonna like and that my friend is a truly great Death Metal experience with tons of blast beats.

The vast majority of the album's drumming is blast beats and on the most part it contributes to the music, but if you don't like blast beats maybe this album isn't for you. The songs aren't melodic but they are crushing, the riffing isn't crunchy but the style suits the songs best and the vocals are very powerful in a strong deep voice type of way, not the overly gutteral vocals.

Here are a few stand out tracks that will fill that need for more good Death Metal: Xeper (with it's great opening riff), Litany (O God what an awesome song!), Forwards to Die!!! (great drumming)

My only complaint about this album is that the riffing is a little too much alike in most song, it's a single string playing (technique name? I don't know) but for some it might be a little repetive. Overall, this is a great album and will be enjoyed by the vast majority of any Death Metal fan.