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Masters of the Art of EP - 80%

The_Boss, November 16th, 2009

Every death metal fan knows Vader. Plain and simple. If you don't or know someone who doesn't you should stop what the fuck you're doing and go get Litany, De Profundis and Revelations NOW! Vader is Poland's premier export of death metal, well yeah there's Behemoth too but Vader ups Behemoth only slightly. Peter Wiwasomething is the driving force behind Vader's crushing sound, with his unique strained deathly growls and utter domination on the axe. Complimented with the youthful and vigorous Mauser, the riffs are heavy and aplenty with the legendary Doc on drums utterly destroyed the fuck out of the kit. Vader have some pretty well known EPs in their catalogue, going on to create the fantastic Art of War EP later on in their career, but here on Kingdom Vader manage to continue their onslaught of thrashy death metal.

Although a bit unnecessary from a contemporary standpoint, with the remastering and reconfiguration through the compilation album XXV, Kingdom still displays is fury in the short amount of time like only Vader can display. Four songs all around four minutes in length crush your fucking skull like a tank and rip apart the ligaments and shit in your neck. Peter and Mauser have always had a knack for creating the riffs that bust your spine and sever your cuticles. The mid tempo grooving death metal riffs that frenetically send you into a sweet ass headbanging rhythm like on the title track to the riff mania intensity on Breath of Centuries. Creatures of Light and Darkness remains one of Vader's finest openers, with a great pace and sweet atmosphere; pure fucking death metal intensity.

One thing I've always enjoyed with Vader is the production; though not it's utter best like on Litany or De Profundis, it's always been consistently one of the best ways of applying a pure sense of death metal. The guitar tone has beef and power like no other in the scene, replenishing itself on each song and recreating the sense of death metal. Notice the change in pace from Kingdom to Anamnesis, the crushing groovy tone to the thrashing mess of distortion and chaos. All while, Doc keeping the tempo and pulverizing your fucking temples with double bass speeds and unimaginable blast beats. Two mixed songs featured on the end of this EP that Peter redid for whatever reason seem to stand out only on a pure "what the hell" basis. I don't know what the fuck the "mix" part meant, though Inhuman Disaster and Carnal are electronic atmospheric tracks spanning 7 minutes. I still to this day am confused, as it seems the entirety of the songs are purely electronic with a few death metal riffs thrown; fortunately its kinda badass in a death metal James Bond soundtrack kind of way. This isn't the most necessary addition on a practical level anymore, I'd suggest picking up the most recent compilation album XXV instead with remastered and more songs to boot instead. Kingdom is still noteworthy though, as Vader know how to work an EP into their discography and still keep it kickass. There really isn't anything wrong with this EP, though the strange final two mix songs stick out as a bit odd; in the end though, it's still just an EP.