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An improvement but not a classic.. - 60%

RilontskY2, December 16th, 2006

Poland's Vader have been churning out their unique style of thrashy death metal since the late 80's and it is fair to say they haven't changed alot in that time. They've become one of those bands, like Bolt Thrower or Deeds of Flesh, where you know exactly what you're going to get everytime they put out a record. While staying true to your style is good, it is also important for a band to keep their music fresh. Recently, Vader seemed to have failed at this. With their last two albums, Revelations and The Beast, Vader seemed like a rip off of themselves -- the music was too predictable. The Beast saw the band incorporating some melodic elements into their riffs which only made them less intense. The question is have Vader dug themselves out of this hole with Impressions in Blood? Not exactly. To elaborate, this is a definite improvement over the last two albums. One thing they figured out is not to play slow, a trend which seemed to be growing between Revelations and The Beast. Impressions in Blood is as fast an album as Vader has ever made with only one slow track as an album closer. Many of riffs aren't as predictable they have been recently and there are less melodic elements
so there are steps in the right direction. Still the growth here is quite minimal. Examining the first three Vader full-lengths, Ultimate Incantation, De Profundis and Black to the Blind, it's clear that there is considerable development in style between each album without sacrificing their trademark sound. If Vader had maintain this evolution perhaps their music would be stronger today. As it stands this album is nowhere near as good as Ultimate Incantation or De Profundis but it is a decent effort that shows the band stepping up their game a bit. Fans of Revelations and The Beast will be thrilled.