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Fast album, fast impression...not their best - 84%

Invaginator, June 16th, 2007

The new Vader is out, and I took my time to listen to it more than just a few times, since many people glorified this released, said it was the "ultimate incantation", "Vader's fastest release to date" (if this is their fastest release, what the fuck has Doc done in Vader?) and Vader's rebirth. This band exists now for 20 years, and they left a long path behind them, a long discography with 8 Full Lenghts and 2 official live releases ('The Darkest Age' 1993 and 'Live In Japan' 1998). Its' quite a surprise this band still finds the inspiration to write albums that won't just be another Death Metal release, in the sea of mediocre releases (the scen faces today mediocrity and less than that more than ever, since 90% of Death Metal bands just tend to copy oldies and"kult" releases). I never really understood why Vader is so popular nayway; they just had a few releases which were incredibly fast and battering, crushing and had the most selled demo releases in the history of Death Metal (if not in the history of Metal) - 'Necrolust' and 'Morbid Reich'. So, what is actually Vader's secret, what is their contribution to the progress or just their meaning in Death Metal? Everyone ever listened to Death Metal can ask this himself.

On the latest Vader, 'Impressions of Blood' you hear a more than solid release, packed with orchestral incantations and almost symphonical blastings. This is far beyond Vader's formative years, way beyond they Thrash/Speed roots, back in 1986; since then they evolved fast into a Death Metal "beast", and with the furious drumming of Doc they just harrased over Europe, like a german tank, and over the whole world. But having set their sound srraight, they haven't changed much in the last 15 years, playing almost the same stuff day-in day-out. It's as if they were infected by the Bolt Thrower virus - to play the same music for 20 years, and to only bring some variation from time to time. And that's what Vader sounds like to me. Their sound hasn't changed from the last releases, from the last decade. I hear only repetitions of 'Litany' and 'Revelations', combined with those "new" symphonic preludes, and that's it. Vader has always kept the furious tempo, their aggression, Pjotr's distinctive vocals, almost Vader's trademark.

I could easily say Vader are boring, but that's not true. Although they seem to repeat the same stuff from the last 10 years, they still sound brutal, in the domain of Death Metal. The drumming on this release is just amazing. As if Doc was still playing (read: killing and destroying drum patterns), and they still sound as if they were played with the greatest calm, as Doc used to play them. And Vader's guitars still have those "blekkish" riffs, unlike most Death Metal bands, playing chuggy riffs, for groovy headbanging, but Vader still got grooves. Another attribute of this icon in Death Metal. Vader could release any shit, they would still be for most people an icon in this genre. With this release they put some concrete on that and make it a fact. They got their loyal legions of fans, just waiting for new releases. And Vader won't disappoint as long as they are alive.