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One of those albums that is actually "Brutal" - 95%

Idontsuckdick, December 10th, 2008

This album is proof that no matter how old you are, you still have the right to kick ass. With this album being Vader’s 8th release, it is actually their fastest, loudest, and most mature album. In fact, if given a choice of any release by Vader to listen to, this would be the one. I see this album as more mature than previous releases because of the longer song lengths, faster and more solid drumming, extensive and creative guitar solos, clever and deep lyrics, and intense guitar playing.

Peter really is the only constant member, and I don’t know if the new line-up had an effect on the bands capability to live on, but he is the mastermind behind Vader, so the line-up may have had little effect. I must say though Daray is the most impressive drummers I have ever heard, just listen to “This is the War”, which is on their EP “The Art of War”. It’s a shame Daray left the band afterwards, he would have definitely helped to create more solid works.

I especially enjoy the vocals on this album. Peter’s voice is absolutely vicious, and if you notice, nobody else really sounds like him. He puts forth a lot of anger and hate into his vocals. It’s also really cool that you can actually understand what he is saying. The lyrical themes on this album are incredibly satanic, though some see it as just anti-Christian. Either way, this album is Vader’s most satanic (Though The Art of War was really where the first satanic lyrics showed up, and is right before this album), and a very deep message is delivered through the music. He merely does not just say god sucks and kill Christians, but actually points out the hypocrisy and confusion among Christianity. For example, in As Heavens Collide, the lyrics state “Bow Down to none...For no God is greater than you!” Rather than just bashing god, he states that you don’t have to bow down to somebody because he is supposedly better than you. In most of the other songs he talks a lot about “The Book” which he is referring to as the bible. He uses a constant motif of the color red, expressing an evil feel towards the bible. I also can’t get over just how bold the song God is Dead is. The lyrical themes really assert how bold Peter is and how he wishes to be a martyr for the anti Christians. If nobody else will do it, why not do it yourself?

The whole album consists of three beats really, but lots of fills. Though it may seem as though there are just constant bashing blast beats, I believe it was done on purpose to, in truth, just be brutal. The more you listen to it, the more you enjoy it, as you pick out the other stuff going on. Then Daray uses either a fasts rock beat or a slow beat with lightning fast double bass rolling in. I just recommend not listening to this album if you have a headache, as the blast beats are constant and loud.

The guitar work is really cool on this album. For the most part, it is either crushing palm muted riffs, squeals, or tremolo picked riffs. Never the less, it is brutal and solid. I just LOVE the solos on this album. They are so f***ing cool. They are either just really good melodic and fast solos or on some songs Peter and Mauser just go nuts. Those particular nutty solos just have loads of whammy bar and crazy chords followed by random and fast runs. I believe they wish to follow in the footsteps of Slayer. Never the less, the solos and riffs are very well written.

There are surprisingly a lot of keyboards on this album. Tracks 1, 4, 6, and 11 all consist of some really evil yet epic sounding keyboards. Especially in track four, the keyboards add a really evil background effect, and it sets a perfect mood, especially for a song entitled “God is Dead”.

Definitely buy this album if you enjoy Slayer, Behemoth, or Possessed, as it follows in all those bands footsteps. Even if you don’t listen to those, I still recommend getting this album. Also, don’t give it one listen then give up, because at first I hated this album but after about 5 listens I fell in love with it.

God is Dead
Solo in Amongst the Ruins
The Book