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Rolls over your ass like a fucking battle tank - 95%

Empyreal, February 15th, 2007

I'm not a veteran Vader fan, but this album fucking rules, that's all there is to say about it. Everything is done right, from the crunchy, heavy sounding production to the snappy, riffy, ass-kicking tracklist. Piotr Wiwczarek does an excellent job on the vocals, managing to sound both gruff and menacing while still understandable at the same time. The guitar team is outstanding, and the screaming solos and riffs are just what the Death Metal fan needs in their diet. And the rhythm team is very good, putting out a great preformance for the duration of the disk. Even the bass is audible, and Marcin Nowak does a very good fucking job at it.

Just listen to the ass-kicking opening trio of "Shadow Fear", "...As Heavens Colide", and "God is Dead", let them slaughter your unsuspecting ass like a battle tank ready for war, and you'll be convinced that this is definetly one of the better Death Metal bands around these days. "Predator", "Amongst the Ruins", "Field of Heads", "They Live!!!",...the band just doesn't stop killing, not throughout the disk's half an hour runtime. And special mention must be given to the last track, "The Book" with it's crushing mid-tempo riff attack, not at all like the speedier songs that took up the rest of the disk.

This disk isn't perfect though, as there are some obvious flaws. The songs here tend to be short, like most Death Metal bands do, and they seem to feel mashed together a lot, and only a few stand out on first listen, namely "God is Dead" with it's catchy (!) chorus, and "The Book" since it doesn't sound like anything else here. Especially toward the last half of the album, I didn't even remember some song names until I listened to it three or four times. So, like many Death Metal band, the songs on this disk aren't that different from eachother. They tend to blend into one big giant mess of ass-kicking glory, which is both a good and a bad thiing. Some people, as I've seen myself, have a strong dislike of bands that make albums like this, where the songs are generally faceless.

But ehh, the metalhead who just enjoys a good fucking time will love this, and that's who Vader are catering to. They want to kick your ass, and this album is the cumulation of 20 years of making music. Highly recommended.